WARNING: Stage 1 Fire Restrictions are now in place

The fire restrictions have been lifted due to recent precipitation.
Attention CR&GC Members,

Custer County has put Stage 1 Fire Restrictions in place on all public and private land in Custer County. At this time, the rifle/pistol range is still open for use, but require that shooters have a bucket of water, and a shovel with them, as well as remain on site for at least 20 minute after the last shot is fired.

If you look between the clubhouse and the shed to the west of the clubhouse, there is a large rock next to the driveway. Behind that rock is a water hydrant that can be used to fill your bucket. There is also hose next to the hydrant, but not enough to reach out onto the range. PLEASE bring your own bucket and shovel when you come out to shoot.

Please be sure we are all following these requirements, as we DO NOT want to have the range shut down by the Fire Marshal, as was the case about six years ago.

You can read more about the fire restrictions and watch for updates on the Custer County website here… http://www.custercountymt.com/