Action Pistol Match

Welcome to the 5th season of CR&GC’s Action Pistol. We’ll kick things off on May 4th. Remember the evenings are still a little short on daylight the first couple weeks of the season, so please try to be ready get started on time. There are also some rule changes this year, which will be posted on the main Action Pistol Page as soon as they are finalized.

Registration: 5:30 PM
Safety Meeting: 5:50 PM
Match Start: 6:00 PM

Here are the scenarios we’ll be shooting…
Stage # 1 Bad Guys are Just Bad
Stage # 2 Bad Choices
Stage # 3 Worse Choices
Stage # 4 Randomly designed Steel Challenge-like stage. (15 rounds min.)

You can read more about our Action Pistol shoots HERE

Hope to see you all there!

Action Pistol Rule Changes and Clarifications:

As you know, we have been running the Action Pistol shoots with an unwritten rule book based on MOST of the IDPA rule book. This year the IDPA has made extensive changes to their rules. For that reason, we had a meeting of most of the folks who regularly RO the matches, and went through the new IDPA rule book to decide which rule we will keep, change, or clarify. Later in the summer, we plan to have an official written Action Pistol rule book. In the mean time, below is a quick and dirty summery of rules that have changed, or we thought needed to be reiterated. As always, the matches will stay lighthearted, and friendly. The new rule book will not be intended to encourage debate on technicalities, only to clarify the intent of the game so we have a reference and everyone is on the same page.

Finger on trigger
Fingers must be obviously and visibly outside the trigger guard during loading, unloading, drawing, holstering, while moving (unless engaging targets) and during malfunction clearance.
A. First offense is a Procedural Error penalty.
B. Second Offense is a DQ from the match.
C. Each “Finger” violation will be clearly noted on the shooter’s score sheet for tracking purposes.

Concealment Garments
IDPA requires drawing from concealment, we do not. However, in the spirit of promoting realistic concealed carry scenarios and a level playing field, starting this year there will be 1 second deducted from a shooters time, per stage that they use a concealment garments.

Shooting from a window
When engaging targets through a window, the shooter must engage targets using Tactical Priority from the side of the window. Slice the pie, not nearest to farthest, and shooter must use cover, not stand square in front of the window.

Start Position
Unless specified otherwise in the stage description, the default ready position requires the shooter to stand erect with the body relaxed and hands resting naturally at sides.

Points Down
Each point down adds 1 second to the time for the stage.

Shoot Throughs no-shoot targets or threat targets.
When a bullet passes through a non-threat target and
All shoot throughs count regardless if they are also strikes a threat target, the shooter will get the penalty for the non-threat target hit and will get credit for the scored hit on the threat target. The reverse also applies when a round on a threat target penetrates a non-threat or threat behind it. All target shoot through hits count.

Loading Devices
A. A “loading device” is a magazine, speed loader, or moon clip.
B. Shooters starting with 8 or more rounds in all loading devices are allowed to start with the loaded firearm plus two additional loading devices.
C. Shooters starting with 6 or 7 rounds in all loading devices are allowed to start with the loaded firearm plus three additional loading devices.
D. Shooters starting with 5 or fewer rounds in all loading devices are allowed to start with the loaded firearm plus four additional loading devices.
E. No additional loading devices beyond the above limits may be used during a string.

More changes/clarifications:
* Intentionally discharging the firearm at anything other than a target or an activator is a D.Q.
* Dislodging a magazine from the carrier is not a penalty as long as it is retrieved before the last shot. Magazines or ammo that are left on the ground due to clearing a malfunction, will not incure a penalty.
* Shooter may reload and re-engage any on the move “in the open” targets after a reload.
* Shooter may reload at any time as long as the shooter is not exposed to any un-engaged threats.
* Head box will now have a 4” -0 circle in the center and the rest of the head box will be scored -1. (once old targets are used up)
* Incomplete stages will be scored as they stand. Time plus penalties and points down.
* Flagrant penalty is given when a violation otherwise gives the shooter a competitive advantage.
* No more Failure to Neutralize (FTN) penalty.