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Minutes Board of Directors Meeting June 19, 2018

Custer Rod and Gun Club
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
June 19, 2018 7:00 PM
Spotted Eagle

1) Call to order and Roll call of officers Present: Jesse Smith, Jerry Austill, Jeff Faycosh, Cheri Reed, Shane Adams, JD Arneson, Randy Hart, Jim Keith, Marty Scheid and Chris Schlepp.

2) Reading of Previous Meeting Minutes moved to be accepted by Marty and 2nd by Jim, passed

3) Reading of Current Financial Report by Cheri Reed
– Bank Balance-$29,503.70
– New savings account and deposit of $2,000 for Emergency Funds-not yet completed
– Status of adding VP as secondary signer on financial accounts-Jerry moved to accept amendment as written, 2nd by Chris, passed. VP will be added as signature to the accounts.

Cheri Reedd stated that NRA annual insurance policy was paid $2,680.47

4) President Report
– Spotted Eagle remodel & mowing-Work day scheduled for June 24 at 9am to paint and mow.
– SSL Certificate-not done yet.
– Internet at Rifle Range- discussion on getting package to allow internet. Mid River package Chris made motion, Jerry 2nd passed
– LEO demo at rifle range-was approved and took place. Oversight of not being added to previous minutes.

5) Reports of Boards and Standing/Special Committees
– Action Pistol-Receipt for targets. Marty turned over $845 from Action Pistol shoot (5/3 $175, 5/17 $145, 5/24 $120, 5/31 $155, 6/7 $160, 6/14 $90) 21 Shooters average turnout. Steel Challenge on 7/5
new safe area/railroad ties-a Bunk of ties for construction of safe area and range use was approved. Jesse maid motion, Chris 2nd. Chris will pick up from ACE.
– Audit-to be completed by 7/17 meeting
– Archery-nothing to report Jeff has not yet contacted public entities.
– Cowboy Action-nothing to report
– Long Range Shoot-Forms from BLM received and filed 7 people attended $55 in donations received. Second shoot will be scheduled in early fall.
– Membership-over 400 members
– Trap-regular attendance at ladies shoots $132 to Cheri on June 15th. No youth shoots on Wednesday. Friday nights have had a couple in attendance. Camera for vandalism by shooting other than shotguns at Spotted Eagle, Jim Keith made motion, 2nd by Cheri, Jesse will coordinate.
– Trauma Kits-ordered haven’t yet arrived

6) Old Business
– Motion to Amend club By-laws: Jim Keith motioned at the last Board Meeting “To amend the club By-laws, Article IX, Section 2, to read, “A) The Vice-president shall perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President. The Vice-president shall assume the duties and responsibilities of the President should he be unavailable due to death, disability, or resignation. The Vice-president shall be listed as an alternate signer on all bank accounts held by The Club. The Vice-president shall not perform any of the duties of the Treasurer except when requested to do so by the Club Treasurer, or by the Club President. The board of directors will fill unexpired term of the Vice-president until the annual meeting where there will be nomination and election to fill out Vice-president unexpired term at that annual meeting.” The motion was seconded by Jesse Blankenship, and tabled to be voted on at the June meeting of the Board of Directors. Passed Motion by Jerry, 2nd by Chris.

7) New Business
– Centerfire Rifle Shoot-Sunday August 5th Chris and Jeff will corrdinate 9am to 2 pm. Chris made motion, 2nd JD and passed.
– EDC “Introduction to Concealed Carry” class in July-Jesse made motion, Jim Keith 2nd passed
– Miles Muscha, Pheasants Forever Youth trap shoot dates-Cheri made motion, Jeff 2nd passed will use Spotted Eagle trap range 9am-noon on 8-11, 8-18, 9-8, 9-15 will pay for targets Muscha will run range.
– Hunter Ed Field Day at Spotted Eagle July 15th.JD made motion, Randy 2nd passed

8) Nomination and Election of Officers and Board of Directors

9) Good and Welfare- Change of locks and door knobs for new keys, Cheri made motion, 2nd Marty, passed

10) Adjourn 8:30PM

Board Meeting Minutes April 17, 2018

Custer Rod and Gun Club
Board Meeting Minutes
April 17, 2018 7:00 PM
Spotted Eagle Clubhouse

1) Call to order and Roll call of Officers and Directors present: Jesse Smith, Jeff Faycosh, Shane Adams, JD Arneson, Jesse Blankenship, Daniel DeLong, Jim Keith, Marty Scheid and Chris Schlepp.

2) Reading of Previous Meeting Minutes moved by Jesse Blankenship to accept and 2nd by Marty Scheid, passed

3) Reading of Current Financial Report-No report Cheri Reed absent
– Bank Balance
– New savings account and Emergency Fund deposit

4) President Report
– Rifle instructors certification- No NRA Counslers are interested in providing training locally
– Website and membership applications- Site security needs updated. Marty moved for SSL and second by Chris, passed
– MWF Horse Creek Easement Letter-the membership approved signing on the letter. Jesse was informed it too late to add our signature to the letter.
– Spotted Eagle Remodel-Glader needs to install and outlet for the AC, Needs drywall tape and mudded and plumbed for water and stool. Jim Keith and Jesse will work on plumbing, Thursday 4/19. Chris, Marty and Jeff will work on the tape and mudding on 4/22.

5) Reports of Boards and Standing/Special Committees
– Action Pistol-Talk of getting trauma kits for range use, Jim Keith will research. Marty got the walls transported from Billings. Discussion about purchasing tablets for scoring at range days, can be used for all shooting sports. Motion to purchase 3 tablets with protection covers plus supplies for safe shoot area $500, made by Jim and 2nd by Chris, passed. Motion to pay for fuel for Marty’s trip to Billings for the walls. $109 made by Jim, 2nd by JD, passed.
– Cowboy Action-SSA has been approved
– Shotgun-Jesse will help Jeff on Tuesday Ladies Trap shoot on the 24th. Lots of people interested in attending.
– Archery-Jeff will check on locations, permits for several areas to have a 3D shoot.
– Audit-nothing yet to report on the financial Audit and physical inventory.

6) Old Business-Randy Anderson reports 398 members and the electronic cards are running low. Marty made a motion to purchase 100 new cards for $310, second by Shane 2nd, passed.

7) New Business
– Reschedule Rimfire Shoot for April 28th, Jeff presented bill for targets plus shipping $35.55, Motion to change date and pay bill, by Jesse B and 2nd by JD, passed
– Rifle range work day-set for April 29th at 0900 lots of work to be done posting of range closure, motion for Jesse to purchase food and drink for volunteers $100 made by Jim, 2nd by Daniel, passed.
– Rifle Range property covenants
– FWP requested to use trap range Saturday May 5th 2pm – 8pm for Range Safety Officers, cook out and maybe trap shooting.- Marty makes the motion, Chris 2nd, passed for FWP use of the trap range. Jeff will be there to open and run.
– Long Range Shooting Workshop Sat. June 9th- JD will set up and run at Calypso in Prairie County, $5 members, $10 nonmembers, JD made motion, Jim 2nd, passed.
– Club Key log-discussion about getting all keys logged in/out up to date.

8) Nomination and Election of Officers and Board of Directors-Jesse B made a motion for a second signer on the accounts in the absence of the Treasure and that the Vice President should be the other signer, Shane 2nd, passed. Discussion on by-laws and notice to membership of the change of duties.

9) Good and Welfare
– Volunteer Incentive Raffle nominations

10) Adjourn at 2037

“Introduction To Concealed Carry” Class

Saturday, May 19, 2018
CR&GC Rifle Range
Cost: $100

Custer Rod and Gun Club will be hosting a concealed carry class on Saturday May 19th at the CR&GC rifle & pistol range. This will be an Introduction to Concealed Carry Class, taught by EDC Training LLC. This class is for the individual that may or may not hold a Montana Concealed Carry Permit and is wanting to learn more about the Defensive use of a handgun. This course is approved by the Custer County Sheriff for applying for a concealed carry permit.

The course addresses the effective concealed carry and use of the handguns popular today. The course will address the advantages and disadvantages of the various types, models, configurations and calibers of such Handguns, as well as the most effective support equipment and methods of concealed carry. The program consists of both classroom discussion, and live fire drills on the range. This course introduces the student to techniques applicable to defensive use of the handgun. Emphasis is put on shooting skill development for application in real-life circumstances. The fundamentals of Mindset, Gun-handling, and Marksmanship are covered in lecture while the practical aspects are taught on the range. Other course topics include Situational Awareness, equipment selection, safety, handling, loading, unloading, malfunction clearance, drawing and firing techniques. Cost of this class will be $100.00

Required equipment list:

Centerfire Handgun in a minimum defensive caliber (generally, 9mm or .38spl or larger)
(If you purchase a firearm specifically for this class, PLEASE contact us for recommendation FIRST)
Ammunition 100 rounds.
Spare magazines or speedloaders
Spare ammunition pouches, carrier, or magazine holster
Method of carrying the handgun (i.e.- suitable belt and belt holster, Shoulder holsters generally not acceptable- you “sweep” others when drawing the firearm)
Ear protection
Eye protection
Clothing suitable for the weather
Cap with a brim
Rugged shoes or boots
Lunch and hydration fluid(water sports drink etc for the day)

To register for the class or for more information contact Shane Taylor Class Coordinator for the Miles City Area at 406-234-7175

Click here to view a printable CLASS ENROLLMENT APPLICATION

Intro to Precision Rifle

Intro to precision rifle.
Saturday June 9th at 10am.
Calypso recreation area outside Terry Montana

This is a intro to precision rifle.

All shots will be done from the prone position. Targets will be at distances from 300 yards to 600 yards with some additional targets out to 1000 yards.

Not all Targets are required to be shot at. This is a fun learning tool to help with long range marksmanship either for fun or in a hunting application.

5 shots will be taken at each target.

Round count will be approximately 40 rounds.

A bipod will be very helpful during this. Shooting bags can be used as well.

A rifle that is capable of 1 moa at 100 yards (1 inch 3 shot grouping at 100 yards)

An adjustable turret optic makes things little easier but is not required nor expected. An optic that has more than just a duplex reticle aka BDC or Leopold Varmint helps as well.

There is no charge for this event. The Custer Rod and Gun Club is putting on this workshop to provide opportunity for those who are new to long range shooting and might be intimidated to try a full match, or those who have tried it but want to improve.

Shooting will go until everyone has had the opportunity to shoots or until we run out of daylight.

For more information, or to pre-register, contact

Annual Rifle Range Work Day

Sunday April 29th Starting at 9:00 AM
On Sunday April 29th, the club will be holding our annual work day at the Sunday Creek Rifle/Pistol Range. We will be adding tire berms behind the target boards, replacing target boards, remounting vandalized steel targets, and building ‘safe areas’ near the pistol bays.

Free lunch and refreshments will be provided by the club, and all participants will have their name entered in the annual Volunteer Incentive raffle, to win a gun at the end of the year.

We could use shovels, bailing wire, wire cutters, cordless drills, wrenches, etc. Whatever you think we might need and feel like bringing.

Thank you for coming out to support your club, this one day makes a huge difference and your help is truly needed and appreciated.

March 20, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Custer Rod and Gun Club
Board of Directors Meeting
March 20, 2018 7:00 PM

1) Call to order and Roll call of officers at 1905
Attendance: Jesse Smith, Jeff Faycosh, Cheri Reed, JD Arneson, Jesse Blankenship, Daniel DeLong, Randy Hart, Jim Keith and Marty Scheid.

2) Reading of Previous Meeting Minutes. Minutes were moved to be accepted by Jim Keith second by Dan Delong, passed

3) Reading of Current Financial Report, Cheri Reed reported $38,196 in Cash/bank. Cheri and Randy Anderson located two CDs at US Bank and 2 at Stockmans Bank, CD’s valued at $2,300 each. Cheri reported that the metal targets were paid. Motion to accept Financial Report by JD Arneson, second by Jim Keith, passed

4) President Report
– Youth Rifle Instructors-Still looking for NRA instructor to train 3 select members for NRA RSO/Instructors
– Spotted Eagle Project-Chris and Marty cleaned up trap house along with Jesse Smith. Marty completed sheetrock install. Cornerstone finishing construction this date. Bathroom floor needs leveler and smoothed to facilitate cleaning. The water heater was too big, smaller one being obtained, needs installed, Glader Electric is updating electrical service. JD Arneson will clean and go through the donated air conditioner before installed. Volunteer work date will be scheduled, Jesse Smith will advise of a date. Update on GoDaddy is actually $398 for 5 years so it was more inexpensive that believed.

5) Reports of Boards and Standing/Special Committees
– Long Range shoot-JD Arneson and Randy Anderson are hoping to set a shoot around the end of June first part of July, pending BLM or private range availability.
– Action Pistol-Jesse Blankenship said the metal targets are received, we got free shipping along with a free $70 target. Testing on new targets will take place with cooperation of Action Pistol group. The company requests a video of targets being used in pistol shoots to be put on their Website. Action pistol meeting thursday at Marty’s house was posted on Action Pistol group. Proposed increase in price for Action Pistol shoot to $5 member $10 nonmember. Moved by Jesse Blankenship, 2nd Daniel Delong Passed. Motion was made to use club 870 shotguns for 2 gun shoot. Moved by Jesse Blankenship, 2nd by Jim Keith passed. Discussion continued on Safe Area construction will be put on agenda for next meeting.
– Cowboy Action-Randy Hart requested $50 for SASS membership, Cheri wrote check. Randy made a proposal for 3 gun Cowboy action shoot at a date to be determined. Also Randy proposed an introduction to Cowboy Action shooting
– Shotgun-Nothing
-Archery- Ken Boschee advised he has the club targets stored in the club trailer. 40-50 targets. Ken said a 3D shoot can be held at his place, suggestions for Woodruff Park and backside of Sunday Creek range. Still in discussion stage.

6) Old Business
– .22 Silhouette shoot Sat. May 12- Approval for the Rimfire Turkey shoot from 0900-1400 Jeff Faycosh made motion, second by Jim Keith, passed..bullseye targets to be ordered for shoot. Jeff Faycosh will coordinate.
– Emergency Fund deposit-Approximately $6,000 per year in operations costs (insurance, utilities, garbage, banquet costs). 1/3 will be deposited annually to buidl up emergency fund. Motion made to deposit $2,000 annually into new savings account. When the CD’s mature this fall move them into savings account since they were hard to locate since they were purchased long ago. Jesse Smith made motion, 2nd Jim Keith, passed
– FNRA Donation Request-request by Shane Adams to underwrite prizes for Friends of NRA. After discussion Jeff Faycosh motioned for $200 to underwrite prize, 2nd by Jim Keith, passed.

7) New Business
– Lady’s Trap shoot-Every Tuesday evening 1830 starting April 10th, with the exception of 3rd Tuesdays each month. Jeff Faycosh will coordinate. No coaching unless shooter bring their own. Members $3, non members $4. Jeff Faycosh made motion, 2nd by Jesse Blankenship, passed
– Financial Audit-Motion to conduct financial audit and physical inventory of all club property as best practice annually. Committee members Cheri Reed, Randy Anderson and Jim Keith to be completed by July 1st. Motion by Jeff Faycosh, 2nd by Jesse Smith, Passed.
– SASS Membership-$50 check requested by Randy Hart and provided by Cheri Reed.

8) Nomination and Election of Officers and Board of Directors
– Volunteer Incentive Raffle Nominations: Marty Scheid, Chris Schlep, Jesse Smith, Randy Anderson

9) Good and Welfare
– Todd Burch regarding Montana Wildlife Federation. Todd presented a letter of support for Horse Creek Ranch for public access in Wibaux County requesting support from CCRGC. Motion was made to send out inquiring for support to all members via email by Jesse Blankenship, 2nd by Jim Keith. Email deadline for response March 28th. Passed awaiting input from membership before letter is supported.

10) Adjourn 2033 hours

3-Gun Match? Who’s Interested?

Randy Hart who, who runs the club’s monthly Cowboy Action SASS match is considering adding a 3-Gun match either after the monthly SASS matches, or on another day, depending on the amount of interest in the event. Below are the details that Randy is thinking, but they are open to suggestions. If you have any interest in participating in a Cowboy Action 3-Gun please contact Randy Hart at 232 0727. THANKS!

3 Gun Shoot

    Time and Dates depending on interest. Can be held after the Cowboy Action shoot 3rd Saturday of the month.

    Age Class

    Cat. 1: Wild Bunch
    Colt 1911 or copy in 45 ACP. Any pistol cal lever action carbine or rifle. Win 97 pump or copy in 12 ga. Shot to be target grade, no slugs or mag shells.

    Cat. 2: 22 Rimfire
    Cowboy pair of 22 revolvers, 22 lever action or pump rifle or carbine, any Cowboy type shot gun

    Cat. 3: 22 Rimfire Modern
    Any modern semi auto pistol, modern carbine or rifle, modern shotgun. Auto shotgun in seperate class.

    Cat. 4: Military – Classic
    Pistol 1911 or copy 45 or 9mm, M1 carbine or copy, 30 carbine or 9mm, any non modern shotgun in 12 ga. No AP or Tracer Ammo.

    Cat. 5: Military – Modern
    Any modern military pistol, rifle or carbine – not to exceed 30 carbine, 9mm AR prefered. NO .223 or 5.56. NO AP or Tracer. Any modern shotgun.

    Cat. 6: Scrounger
    Any combo of cat 1-5.

    Scoring Actual Time. Misses = +5 seconds per miss. Procedurals = +10 seconds, only one per stage.

    PS. Military note: Any of the many pistol cal semi auto only rifle or carbines may be used as per category classic or modern.

Rimfire Turkey Shoot

On Saturday April 28th, 2018 beginning at 9 am  at the Sunday Creek Rifle Range. Custer Rod and Gun club will host a rimfire only turkey shoot.  Targets will be bullseye targets set at random distances appropriate to the class of shooters.  Shooters will pay $1 per round.  6 shooters per bracket. The winner of the bracket splits the pot 50/50.  shooters will be paired into comparable classes of 17 cal, 22 cal and 22 mag, along with pairings of iron sights, target sights, scoped sights etc.  Classes will be novice youth, youth, novice adult and adult.  No Range finders allowed and no sighting in allowed.

Dust off the rimfire rifles and pistols go get them sighted in, bring your own ammo and bring the whole family.  Safety rules will be enforced. This will be a good old fashioned fun shoot, come visit with old friends and meet some new friends.

Ladies Only Trap Shoot

On March 20, 2018 at the Custer Rod and Gun Club board meeting it was approved to have a Ladies Only Trap Shoot each Tuesday night at 6 PM starting April 10, 2018 at the Spotted Eagle Trap range.  The cost per round (25 targets) is $3 for member and $4 for non-members.  You will have to provide your own shotgun and ammunition.  Safety will be a priority.  It will be casual and fun.  No coaching will be allowed unless the shooter brings their own coach.  Come and have fun, bring a friend.  These shoots will take place every Tuesday except the third Tuesday of each month (board of directors meeting night).  If you have questions contact Jeff Faycosh 951-2987.

CR&GC News – February 11, 2018

CR&GC Members,

I just wanted to write a quick note to mention a couple reminders…

Riffle/Pistol Range Winter Access
Don’t forget that there is no official snow removal at the rifle/pistol range. While we do have some neighbors who occasionally volunteer their time and equipment to maintain the road to in the range, we do not have regular snow removal at the range. The range is open to members year around, but please be aware of the recent weather conditions and bring a vehicle, shovel, etc. to ensure that you can make it in and out of the range without getting stranded.

Last Chance to Renew Your Membership for 2018
Don’t forget that the club does not sell membership renewals except between Dec. 1 and Feb. 15. If you were a member in 2017, you MUST renew your membership by Feb. 15th in order to be a member in 2018. If you do not renew before Feb. 15th you will not be able to renew your membership until 2019. To find more information about renewing your membership either online or by mail, please see the following link…

Links you might be interested in…
Minutes from the 2018 Annual Banquet and Club Meeting
Here is a list of the 2018 Club Officers and Directors
Here is the agenda for the Feb. 20th Board Meeting to be held at the VFW at 7:00 PM

2018 Banquet Sponsors
Please. Please. Please, take a moment to read the below list of raffle item donors for our Annual Meeting and Banquet, and please remember them when choosing where to spend your hard earned dollars. Even better, please take the time to thank them for supporting our club, while you’re spending money at their establishments. It is only with their support, that we can make our Annual Banquet cost effective and FUN.
Marty Scheid
Western Powders
Car Quest
Bob and Carol Prahl
MC Jewelers
Murdoch’s Ranch and Home
Montana Wildlife Federation
RJ Sporting Goods/Randy Hart
Red Rock Sporting Goods
Miles City Photography Club
Black Iron Grill
Builders First Source
Reynolds Market
Clyde Leischner

Thank you for your time,
Jesse Smith
CR&GC Club President

Board of Directors Meeting

2018 Board of Directors Meeting Schedule

The Custer Rod and Gun Club will hold our monthly Meeting of the Board of Directors, on the third Tuesday of each month, from February through December, at 7:00 PM. The location of each meeting can be found below:

2018 Meetings of the Board of Directors
February 20, 2018 – VFW Club 119 N. 6th St.
March 20, 2018 – VFW Club 119 N. 6th St.
April 17, 2018 – Spotted Eagle Clubhouse
May 15, 2018 – Sunday Creek Rifle Range Clubhouse
June 19, 2018 – Spotted Eagle Clubhouse
July 17, 2018 – Sunday Creek Rifle Range Clubhouse
August 21, 2018 – Spotted Eagle Clubhouse
September 18, 2018 – Sunday Creek Rifle Range Clubhouse
October 16, 2018 – Spotted Eagle Clubhouse
November 20, 2018 – to be announced
December 18, 2018 – to be announced
January – Annual Banquet and Club Meeting (see below)
February 19, 2019 – to be announced
March 19, 2019 – to be announced

Annual Membership Banquet (6:00 PM) and Meeting (7:00 PM)
January 19, 2019 – Miles City Town and Country Club

Though only members of Board of Directors can introduce or vote on a motion at the monthly Board meetings, all club members are welcomed and encouraged to attend meetings. Any member with concerns or comments will be provided opportunity to speak at these meetings. The Board always seeks the opinion of and direction from club members.

The Annual Club Meeting in January is open to motions from any club members present.

Board Meeting Agenda – February 20, 2018

Custer Rod and Gun Club
Board Meeting
Feb. 20, 2018 7:00 PM

1) Call to order and Roll call of officers

2) Reading of Previous Meeting Minutes

3) Reading of Current Financial Report

4) President Report
– Boy Scouts used Spotted Eagle clubhouse Jan. 26th
– Archery targets

5) Reports of Boards and Standing/Special Committees
– Annual Banquet and Meeting results
– Membership
– Action Pistol
– Cowboy Action

6) Old Business
– Spotted Eagle Remodel
– 1 year emergency fund
– Youth Shooting Instructors (Rifle/shotgun)

7) New Business
– Calab Bollman of FWP requests use of Spotted Eagle archery range for Hunter Safety Field Days Sundays Feb. 25th, and April 29th.
– 2018 Board Meeting Schedule
– Go Daddy migration to C-panel $160/year vs $208/3-year
– Action Pistol Targets

8) Nomination and Election of Officers and Board of Directors

9) Good and Welfare

10) Adjourn

2018 Board of Directors

President: Jesse Smith
Vice President: Jerry Austill
Secretary Jeff Faycosh
Treasurer Cheri Reed
Director Shane Adams
Director JD Arneson
Director Jesse Blankenship
Director Daniel DeLong
Director Randy Hart
Director Jim Keith
Director Marty Scheid
Director Chris Schlepp

The Board of Directors meets at 7:00 PM on the third Tuesday of each month (Feb. – Dec.) Officers and Directors are elected to the Board at the Annual Meeting and Banquet the third Saturday of January.

Annual Meeting and Banquet Minutes – January 20, 2018

Custer Rod and Gun Club
Annual Club Meeting & Banquet Agenda
Jan. 20, 2018 6:00 PM
Banquet starts 6:00 PM
Town and Country Club

1) Call to order and Roll call of officers:
– Called to order 7:26 PM

– Pledge of Allegiance recited

– Attendance taken:
Officers Present: Randy Anderson, Jesse Smith, Cheri Reed
Directors Present: Shane Adams, Todd Burch, Daniel DeLong, Randy Hart, Marty Scheid
Members Present: Approximately 100 members, associate members, and guest

2) Reading of Previous Meeting Minutes
Jesse Smith motioned, “We except the minutes from the 2017 Annual Meeting as posted on website.” The motion was seconded and passed.

3) Reading of Current Financial Report
Cheri Reed reported the club has $30,985.41 in the bank. Rick Abbott motioned to accept the Treasurer’s report. The motion was seconded and passed.

4) President Report
– Randy Anderson reported the club has 292 paid 2018 members so far. We ended 2017 with around 430 members. So around three quarters have already renewed and and will continue taking renewals until Feb. 15th.

– Randy Anderson also reported the club is still working on the remodel project of the Spotted Eagle clubhouse. The project ran into problems last year. When we needed running water we found out the well wasn’t working. We ended up having to put in a new pump in the well. Jesse Smith framed most of the bathroom. Randy got bids for a security door for the vault area last week, and we can now get the masonry guys to start on the vault wall.

5) Reports of Boards and Standing/Special Committees
– Action Pistol: Jesse Blankenship reported they formed a committee to run the Action Pistol shooting and Jesse Smith reported the Action pistol has made a profit of approxomately $1,800 since it was started 5 years ago.

– Cowboy Action: Randy Hart reported he has some paperwork that needs to be renewed to stay registered as a SASS club. Randy Hart reported they are always looking for new shooters as there hasn’t been many lately and he is thinking about doing a rim fire version of a 3-Gun match concurrently with the Cowboy Action matches. Randy Anderson pointed out that there has already been some discussion of the Action Pistol expanding to include a regular 3-Gun match as well.

– Shotgun: Randy Anderson reported that Jerry Austill had been opening the trap range on Wednesday nights just before it was shut down for the winter, but we’ve gone through several volunteers opening and running the trap range last year, who have got burned out when no shooters show up. Randy Anderson reported we need more interest in running trap and shooting trap.

– Archery: Jesse Smith reported that there has been no archery activity in 2017. The club has targets including 3D targets that are being stored by Ken Boschee and can be used for an archery match or league. We just need someone who is interested in putting on a match or league.

6) Old Business

7) New Business
Randy Anderson introduced a motion by Jesse Smith to amend the club By Laws by replacing Article XI, Section 1, Subsection B, which had been removed by the Board of Directors on 5/24/16, with the following:
“B) Any changes to the by-laws shall:

1) take affect immediately
2) be noted in the by-laws posted on the club’s website, with the date amended
3) be included in the next update of the by-laws”

The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

– Chronic Wasting Disease presentation by Montana Wildlife Federation (moved from Good and Welfare)
John Bradley from MWF gave a presentation on Chronic Wasting disease in Montana. He said it is affects white tail, mule deer, elk, moose. There is no cure, and is fatal to the animal. It has been in states surrounding Montana for 20 years but hasn’t been in Montana. Last year there the first positive test was found in Montana. It kills 25-40% of the animal population. MWF and FWP don’t want large populations of wildlife in small areas like game farms or feed grounds because it spreads the disease faster. No deer urine can be imported from states known to have CWD. MWF is encouraging testing of roadkill deer, and other monitoring efforts in various, particularly affected, areas of Montana. John encouraged people to contact himself or MWF to convey any concerns about how the MWF and FWP are responding to the infection, or with ideas of what else they could do.

8) Nomination and Election of Officers and Board of Directors
– Randy Anderson read the nominations that had been made during the banquet and meeting. They were:

Nominations for President, currently held by Randy Anderson were: Jesse Smith
Nominations for Treasurer, currently held by Cheri Reed were: Cheri Reed, Jeff Faycosh
Nominations for Director position currently held by Jim Keith were: Jim Keith
Nominations for Director position currently held by Marty Scheid were: Marty Scheid
Nominations for Director position currently held by Todd Burch were: Jesse Blankenship
Nominations for Director position currently held by Randy Hart were: Randy Hart

– Randy Anderson asked if there were any further nominations for any of the positions to be filled. There were no further nominations and nominations were closed.

– Randy Anderson asked for a vote for electing Jesse Smith as President. He was elected unanimously.
– Jesse Smith motioned “We take nominations and vote to fill his current position as Secretary.” The motion was seconded and passed.
– Randy Anderson asked for nominations for Secretary. Jeff Faycosh was nominated. There were no further nominations made for the position.
– Randy Anderson asked for a vote for electing Jeff Faycosh as Secretary. He was elected unanimously, then declined the previous nomination for Treasurer.
– Randy Anderson asked for a vote for electing Cheri Reed as Treasurer. She was elected unanimously.
– Randy Anderson asked for a vote for electing Jim Keith as Director. He was elected unanimously.
– Randy Anderson asked for a vote for electing Marty Scheid as Director. He was elected unanimously.
– Randy Anderson asked for a vote for electing Jesse Blankenship as Director. He was elected unanimously.
– Randy Anderson asked for a vote for electing Randy Hart as Director. He was elected unanimously.

9) Good and Welfare
– MWF Presentation (was held prior to Nominations and Elections)

– Jesse Smith and Randy Anderson announced what raffle and door prizes were donated by which members and Miles City businesses. They expressed the clubs deep gratitude for the support of all who donated, and asked the members to please remember the businesses who support our club and thank them when they are doing their shopping around town.

– Door prizes and raffle winners were drawn and announced. Noteworthy prizes and winners were:
* Door Prize – Ruger American 6.5 Creedmoor Rifle, won by Thomas Smith
* Playing Card Raffle – Sig Sauer P320 9mm, won by Tim King
* Volunteer Incentive Raffle – Glock 19 9mm, won by Randy Anderson
* Bucket Raffle – Saae .17 HMR package with Scope, won by Bill Bolton
* 50/50 Raffle – $355, won by Todd Burch

10) Adjourn
The motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and passed at 8:29 PM.

Board Meeting Minutes – December 19, 2017

Custer Rod and Gun Club
Board Meeting Agenda
December 18, 2017 7:00 PM

1) Call to order and Roll call of officers: 7:04 PM
Attendance: Randy Anderson, Cheri Reed, Jerry Austill, Jesse Smith, Shane Adams, JD Arneson, Todd Burch, Daniel DeLong, Jim Keith, Marty Scheid

2) Reading of Previous Meeting Minutes
Jesse Smith motioned “We accept the minutes from the November meeting as posted on web site.” The motion was seconded and passed.

3) Reading of Current Financial Report
– Cheri Reed reported we have $29,170.90 in the bank and will have $30,610.90 after she deposits membership dues that have been turned in to Randy Anderson. Jim Keith motioned, “To accept the Treasurers report.” The motion was seconded and passed.

4) President Report
– Spotted Eagle
Randy Anderson reported that he is still waiting on a quote for a high security door and the masonry guys are waiting on door guy before they can start. He said he should have a quote tomorrow and can get the door ordered so the masonry guys can get started.

– Memberships
Randy Anderson also reported that we have already sold 155 memberships for 2018.

5) Reports of Boards and Standing/Special Committees
– Action Pistol
Marty Sheid and Jesse Blankenship reported the committee had a meeting and are thinking they want to use Practice Score, an online scoring system that uses cell phone and tablets to automatically post match scores. They also may need to purchase consumables before the next season starts, and would like to purchase more steel for targets. They will get some quotes before the next meeting. Jesse Smith reported he still had a lot of targets, pasters, 1x2s, paint, and the timers stored for winter in his shop. Jesse Blankenship reported they would like to make an announcement at the annual meeting about having an Action Pistol meeting in Feb.

– Cowboy Action

– Shotgun

6) Old Business
– Annual Meeting and Banquet plans
Cheri Reed reported she has paid Red Rock for the guns to be given away at the raffle.
Randy Anderson reported he called Town and Country and our reservations are confirmed for Jan. 20th.
Daniel Delong requested changing the weekend next year so it wouldn’t conflict with other events. The Board discussed it but decided there are competing events every weekend and it would require changing the club’s By Laws.

7) New Business

8) Nomination and Election of Officers and Board of Directors

9) Good and Welfare
– John Bradley from Montana Wildlife Federation (MWF), addressed the club to talk about chronic wasting disease in Montana. He said what is being done to control the disease right now involves issuing extra hunting permits to get larger sampling size, testing road kill, trying to stop the feeding of Elk which encourages them to gather in large groups and spread disease. John said the MWF and FWP would like feedback if anyone has sugestions or complaints on how to combat the disease’s spread in Montana.

10) Adjourn Cheri motioned, seconded, pased 7:36.

Annual Banquet and Club Meeting

Dear Custer Rod and Gun Club members,

Your presence is requested at the annual CR&GC membership meeting and banquet. This year’s meeting will be held at 6:00 pm on January 20th, 2017 at the Town and Country Club (S. 4th St. and Eagle Ave) in Miles City. In traditional CR&GC style, the club will provide roast beef, potatoes, and dinner rolls. Attendees A thru M are asked to bring main or side dish and N thru Z a salad or desert. There will be door prizes and raffle items including a Glock 19, a SIG P320, Savage .17 HMR package w/ Scope and Ruger American 6.5 Creedmore, also MUCH MUCH MORE! All present with a 2018 paid membership will be entered in the door prize raffle, just for attending. Eligible members must be present to win. All prize and raffle availability is terminated at the conclusion of the annual club meeting. Membership renewals will be sold at the door, but if you renew online before the meeting please bring your membership card with you, as the attached stub is your entry for the door prize raffle, and the membership card is required to vote.

More prizes are accumulating as we speak and may include additional firearms. Please keep in mind that the meeting space, servers, and food provided by the club is paid for by the raffles held during the banquet. If you have any items you would be willing to donate to the raffles, please contact email at to arrange for them to be included in the raffles, and picked up before the meeting if necessary.