Board of Directors Meeting Minutes July 18, 2023

Sunday Creek Clubhouse 7 pm, July 18, 2023

Secretary Faycosh was absent minutes were taken by both Erin and Travis.

Custer Rod & Gun Club Meeting Minutes


Members in attendance: Lee, Chris, Marty, Justin, Erin, Travis, Jason, Matt, Jim, & Pat

7pm: Meeting called to order by Lee.  Role Call conducted.

Treasurer’s Report (Marty)

Checks for the targets and mower have cleared.

About $1,000 in cash ready for deposit

Main account has $39,444.66

CD is at $6,030.07

Matt makes motion to accept minutes as posted.  Chris seconds the motion.  All in Favor. Motion passes.

7:04 President’s Report (Lee)

Lee did not get a chance to follow-up on the individual that reported not yet receiving membership.

Marty checked the individual’s name against the paid member list.  Did not find a match.  Will check again.

Erin reports two members are not receiving the newsletter.  Matt will add their email addresses to MailChimp.

7:06 USPSA Report (Lee)

No more shoots planned.  They may look for two more nights to add to the calendar.

7:07 Action Pistol (Lee)

Four shoots have been conducted.  Attendance was 13; 14; 12 & 8 shooters.  A total of $1,047.46 was banked from both USDSA and Action Pistol

7:08 Shotgun (Matt)

Shot the previous Sunday.

FWP wants to sponsor a Youth Trap Shot on Sept. 16th.  FWP will pay for shooters at the rate of $4/25 targets.  Matt reported that Jeff was willing to run the range.  This was identified as new business and will be addressed later.

7:09 Archery (Jason)

Seeing lots of individuals using the public range.  All report gratitude for the new targets.  Jason is interested in reviewing the list of members to see if users are actually members or if users become members after using the range.

Chris also reported hearing praise from Superior in Billings over the improvements and events being held.

Planning 3-4 more 3D shoots.

Targets are holding up and looking good.  Only one instance of a broadhead being used.

Jason may generate a stencil and paint markers on the targets to ensure the whole target gets use rather than a focus on the center.

3D shoots are held on BLM property, all proceeds are used for prizes and no profit is made, except from donations.

7:19 Old Business

None Reported

7:20 New Business

Matt makes motion to allow FWP to sponsor a Youth Trap shoot on the shotgun range on Sept 16th at $4 per round.

Jim seconds the motion.

All in Favor, motion passed.

Marty reports that there is not yet a scheduled date for working on the gate access controller.  Lee offered to help.  Marty reports he has 15-20 access cards activated and ready to issue to new members if needed.

No news on the grant to get power down to the gate.

US Bank is still expected to shut down.  Marty recommends switching banks at the time a new treasurer is elected.

Lee suggests getting the security cameras at Sunday Creek installed and working.  Four cameras and installation hardware are on site.  The system can support up to a total of eight cameras.  Will record 30 days on a DVR. They are not wireless.  The Spotted Eagle location has 5 cameras up and running and are able to record 35 days of footage.  Access to the storage device is controlled by Walleye’s Unlimited in the event that a range violation needs to be monitored.

7:34  Chris makes the motion to adjourn the meeting.

Justin seconds the motion.  All in favor, motion passed.  Meeting Adjourned.