Board of Directors Meeting Minutes October 17, 2023

Custer County Event Center, 7 pm, October 17, 2023

Attendance: Lee Wankel, Chris Schlepp, Marty Scheid, Jeff Faycosh, Matt Lewin, Erin O’connor, Travis Helm and Justin Hughes.

Marty made a motion to accept the August minutes as published, (no September meeting) Erin 2nd, Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Marty stated checking account balance is $37,086.82. The CD balance is $6030.07.

President’s Report: Lee stated membership is approximately 514 members.

Action pistol: Nothing to report, Lee provided a deposit $175. Lee stated that there would be pistol shoot on October 26, 2023 mainly for James Goodsell wedding group.

Shotgun-We will need to order targets after the banquet. Money was received from FWP for targets on youth day.

SAS-Deposit of $15

Archery last organized shoots, deposit of $65

Old Business: Grant for the range gate was approved Marty is organizing. Locate is done MC Electric was awarded the bid.

New Business: Jeff made a motion to add up to 2 camera at Spotted Eagle, Travis 2nd, motion passed, Chris will coordinate with Walleyes and Holmlund Lock and key.

Banquet-gun committee formed with Marty to get the guns, Matt, Erin, Travis and Justin.

Jeff made a motion to allow 4H to use Spotted Eagle Range for Instructor training on December 9th, Jeff will open the range for them. Marty 2nd, motion passed.

Jeff made a motion to have the Jim Keith Memorial Annie Oakley shoot on November 4th. $1,000 in prizes. Mike Bricco provided the prize money and trophy plaques. Cash prize to 7th place. $500, $200, $100, 4th-7th $50. $20 buy in with 3 buy backs max for $10 each. Matt 2nd, motion passed.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:50 PM