Board of Directors Meeting Minutes January 16, 2024

Custer County Event Center 7 pm, January 16, 2024

Attendance: Lee Wankel, Marty Scheid, Jeff Faycosh, Matt Lewin, Erin O’connor, Travis Helm and Pat Roos.

Matt made a motion to accept the December minutes as published, Travis 2nd, Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Marty stated checking account balance is $20,918.28. The CD balance is $6060.30.

President’s Report: Lee stated membership is 200 paid for 2024.

Action pistol: No Report

Shotgun-No Report

Archery- No Report

SASS-No Report

USPSA-No Report

Old Business: Banquet set up on Feb 3, around noon

New Business: Bylaw changes for Annual meeting

Membership (C) Renewals all year. Membership is for the calendar year regardless of when the membership is renewed.

Officers and Board Members add Membership Officer then 7 Directors which will still total 12 officers and Directors. Two versions: #1 Yearly dues are waived for Officer Positions. #2 Yearly dues are waived for Officers and Director positions.

Section 4 A- language as written for monthly meetings. Suggested change of date to 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Section 1 club management include Membership Officer and 7 directors.

Section 1 -Board of Directors include Membership Officer

Add Section 6 Membership Officer-Shall keep all membership records-issue membership and access cards upon payment-update Sunday Creek access gate and cards in a timely manner, Maintain list of current memberships.

Marty and Jeff will arrange for storage of meat and supplies for the banquet on the week of the banquet at the event center.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm