Board of Directors Meeting Minutes May 16, 2023

Board of Directors Meeting

May 16, 2023

Spotted Eagle Clubhouse, Miles City

7:00 pm Roll Call of officer- Lee Wankel, Chris Schlepp, Marty Scheid, Jeff Faycosh, Matt Lewin, Erin O’Connor, Travis Helm and Pat Roos.

Treasure report by Mary Scheid, Checking account balance $46,816,82, CD is currently at $6,030.07 Bills are paid

Motion to accept the minutes of the April meeting as written, by Matt, 2nd by Chris passed.

Presidents Report: Lee said that memberships are keeping with the usual pace.

USPSA- No match May 13 was canceled because of rain. June 10th shoot is still scheduled.

Action Pistol-Lee said there were 10 shooters good turnouts. Deposits were made to Marty.

Shotgun: Trap and Skeet made a deposit for $871. 4H shooting almost over, Jeff will bill 4H for targets.

Archery- Jason Sibble, Cole Price and Chris will get Archery range rebuilt and targets picked up in Billings. Marty made a motion to approve 10 targets at $6,250, Travis 2nd, passed. This is $1,250 more than the $5,000 previous allowed for 5 targets.

Old Business:Range clean up day on Sunday Creek Range May 6th at 9am Marty l ramrodded this event 13 volunteers showed up.

New Business: Walleyes Unlimited wanted to partner with us for camera system at Spotted Eagle. Chris made a motion to approve $2,500 toward this project, Travis 2nd, passed.

Discussion to get rid of DR pull behind Mower. Chris made a motion to trade it in on another zero turn to help at Spotted Eagle, Matt 2nd, Motion passed.

Meeting Adjorned 8 pm