Attention Archery Enthusiasts

An agenda item at the Board of Directors meeting on April 18 at 7 pm , at the Spotted Eagle Clubhouse will concern the future of the archery range at Spotted Eagle.

If you have interest in managing that portion of the range or have any ideas to preserve the archery range you should attend.

Continual vandalism by shooting broadheads into the target butts and damage has the board considering removing all targets from the archery range. One option is to have 3D targets available on certain days with a pay per round type scenario. This will require a dedicated volunteer to set up and take down targets and to collect fees.

Another option is to move the archery range to Sunday Creek. Then only members will use it. We believe both members and nonmembers are shooting broadheads and vandalizing the targets. Sunday Creek will restrict access and will be monitored by the cameras.

If you are dedicated to helping preserve the archery range at Spotted Eagle, step up at the board meeting on April 18 at 7 pm.