August 20th Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

August 20th CR&GC meeting started at 7:00PM, present were:
      Todd Burch
      Keith Hall
      Ken Hess
      Ken Boschee
      Randy Anderson
      John Olsen
      Glen Kapitske
      Jeremy Kueffler
      Fred Tetschner
      Dean Seiffert
      Jesse Smith
      Larry Hudson
      Nick Gevock (guest speaker w/ Montana Wildlife federation)

Order of Business:

  • Ken Boschee moved to table previous meetings minutes due to absence of Secretary, seconded by Randy Anderson and passed.
  • Treasurers report incomplete due to absence of Treasurer, however the Trap Range box has $278.00 cash, 40 ea. 3 dollar tokens and 2 ea. 4 dollar tokens. Keith Hall sold 3 hats ($12.00 ea.) and 2 rounds of skeet ($4.00 ea.) total of $44.00. Todd also has $100.00 from Shane Taylor and Eric Fritz’s defensive handgun course. Jesse Smith has $166.00 from the Action Pistol events.
  • Membership was reported by Randy A. to be at 287 members as of two weeks ago when the cards were last picked up from Red Rock.
  • Nick Gevock gave a presentation on the Montana Wildlife Federations past and current activities. Nick also talked at length about the upcoming legislative issues and the Federations stance and involvement.

Committee reports:

  • Jesse Smith reports that they have had 14, 18, 13 and 18 Action Pistol shooters respectively in the last four weeks since the last meeting.
  • Keith Hall reports that the new mower needs cactus juice in the tires and was told to get some.
  • The Women’s Shotgun shoot hasn’t been attended very well and has only have an average of one person the last couple dates. It was decided to cancel the upcoming date due to the Fair.

Old Business: None

New Business:

  • Randy Anderson brought up the subject with the rifle ranges time lock. Diminishing daylight hours and complications with people getting locked in indicate it would be easier to deal with simply doing away with the lock-out feature. Ken Boschee made a motion to cancel the time lockout, several people made a second and it passed unanimously. Randy will probably just leave it at 9:00 pm since it is dark long before that now.
  • Discussion regarding the upcoming clay purchase and details involved, revealed no conclusion and will be revisited at a later date. Suggestions were made to put the purchase out to bid and several stated that we may not even need to purchase any due to the current inventory.
  • Keith Hall pointed out that a Weed Whacker is needed for the facilities.
  • Jesse Smith reserved the 29th of September for an Action Pistol shoot.
  • Todd Burch reported that Shane Taylor and Eric Fritz will need the rifle range for another defensive handgun course on the 13th of September.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:38