Board Meeting Minutes – February 21, 2017

Custer Rod and Gun Club
Board Meeting Minutes

Call to order: 7:04 PM

Present: Randy Anderson, Jerry Austill, Jesse Smith, Shane Adams, JD Arneson, Todd Burch, Daniel DeLong, Randy Hart, Marty Scheid
Absent: Cheri Reed, Jim Keith, Chris Schlepp

Reading of Previous Minutes:
Jesse Smith motioned, “We approve the minutes from the Dec. meeting as posted on the website.” The motion was seconded and passed.

Treasurer’s Financial Report:
Randy Anderson reported that Treasurer Cheri Reed was out of town but was sending a financial report to the meeting with John Reed. John was not present and Randy Anderson reported that Cheri had reported at the Annual meeting that we had approx. $17,000 in the bank, Jesse Smith transferred $6,859.22 from the PayPal account to checking account, and Randy Anderson had turned in to Cheri Reed about $2,000 in checks since the Annual Meeting. So we should have around $25,000 in the bank.

President’s Report:
Randy Anderson reported the club was at 380 members as of right now. Last year we finished the year with 395. There are 190 gate key cards that have not been returned or paid for. He also reported that he contacted the lock company, they expanded our lock software so it will hold more cards. He has already issued 25 of the new cards just bought, for new club members.

Good and Welfare:
Jesse Blankenship addressed The Board and reported his intention to build a Cowboy Action range on his property in Moon Creek, where the props will not be vandalized and can be left up all the time. He proposed holding the club’s monthly SASS Cowboy Action shoot at his new range, if the club’s insurance will cover it.
Randy Anderson motioned, “We authorize Jesse Blankenship to move the monthly cowboy shoots, which will be approved by the board on a monthly basis, to the shooting range he’s building on his property, pending approval by our insurance.” The motion was seconded, and passed.

Committee Reports:
– Randy Anderson reported that Cheri told him the Annual meeting cost the club about $400 after the raffle income was subtracted from the meeting and prize expenses.

– Todd Burch motioned, “We book the MC Town and Country Club for the 2018 annual meeting.” The motion was seconded, and passed.

– Jesse Smith reported he still needs to contact Doeden Construction to schedule them to raise the berms on the pistol bays.

Old Business:
– Spotted Eagle Remodel: Randy Anderson will check on prices for purchasing a storage shed to store clay pigeons in, which could be used to store the items from the clubhouse while we work in the clubhouse.

– Rifle Instructor Certifications: Jesse Smith reported there have been about six people interested in becoming instructors. Also he has spoke with Fred Tetschner about the certification class.Fred said he will hold the class sometime this Spring, but hasn’t picked a date yet, and will need to know how many will be attending the class so he can order student packets. The Board instructed Jesse to coordinate with the volunteers and Fred to make the arrangements for the club to pay for 3 volunteer’s tuitions.

New Business:
-2017 Board Meeting Schedule: The Board decided they will hold March meeting at the VFW as previously scheduled, then due to the remodel work at the Spotted Eagle Clubhouse, starting with the April meeting, all future Board meetings will be held at the Rifle Range clubhouse until further notice.

– Review of annual expenditures and establishment of emergency fund:
Jesse Smith motioned “We go through the check book and establish what the club’s annual expenses average, not including expansion or building projects. Then starting in 2018 we deposit 1/3 of that amount into one the club’s CDs, each February of the next 3 years (2018, 2019, 2020). The money is to be held as an emergency fund in case of financial miscalculations or a sudden drop in membership renewals, etc.” The motion was seconded and passed.

– Hunter Safety use of the Spotted Eagle range: Todd Burch motioned “We allow FWP to hold their Hunter Safety program at the Spotted Eagle range Feb. 26th”. The motion was Seconded, passed.

– Rifle Range Work Day: The Board decided to hold a work day at the riffle range on April 29th. Randy will advertise for volunteers on the radio, and Jesse will advertise online.

Randy Anderson motioned to adjourn. The motions was seconded and passed at 8:29 PM