Board Meeting Minutes – May 15, 2018

Custer Rod and Gun Club
Board Meeting Minutes
May 15, 2018 7:00 PM
Rifle Range Clubhouse

1) Call to order and Roll call of officers: 7:09 PM
Present: Jesse Smith, Jerry Austill, Chris Schlepp, J.D. Arneson, Jesse Blankenship, Jim Keith, Marty Scheid, Shane Adams

2) Reading of Previous Meeting Minutes
Jim Keith motioned, “We accept the minutes from April’s meeting, as posted on the website.” The motion was seconded and passed.

3) Reading of Current Financial Report
n/a Treasurer was not present and no report was available

4) President Report
– Gun Show Tables: Jesse Smith reported he had informed the Tina Graber that the price to rent the club’s tables was $200 for ‘for-profit’ entities, and Tire-Rama was not to be involved in transporting the tables. He reported that she said that was agreeable, but wouldn’t need the club’s tables afterall.

– Spotted Eagle Clubhouse Remodel: Jesse Smith reported Jeff Faycosh, Marty Scheid, and Chris Schlepp had completed the taping and mudding at Spotted Eagle; Jesse and Jeff hung two of the doors and are waiting for the hardware store to get the third door in stock. Marty Scheid reported he will epoxy the the bathroom floor this weekend. Jesse reported he thinks we are ready to have a club work day to haul scraps to the dump, scrubb out the clubhouse, then paint the inside of the clubhouse and the outside of the skeet houses. Marty Scheid motioned, “We hold a club workday at Spotted Eagle Sunday, June 24th to clean out the clubhouse and paint everything.” The motion was seconded and passed.

– Rifle Range Work Day: Jesse Smith reported the rifle range work day was well attended. They got the target backers replaced, the steel targets that were repairable were repaired, the safe area for the pistol bays were built, the corral by the pistol bay shed was built, the road was graded, both sheds cleaned out, etc. Jesse Smith motioned, “We authorize a budget of $500 for the Action Pistol committee to build a second Safe Area with railroad ties, on a date to be determined by the committee.” The motion was seconded and passed.

– SSL Certificate: Jesse Smith reported he has not added a SSL certificate to the club’s website yet as he wants to make sure he has time to fix the website if it crashes in the process. He will probably do it in June.

– Internet at Rifle Range: Jesse Smith reported he attempted to contact Mid-River, a week ago, about the possibility of installing internet and Wifi on the rifle range. Mid-Rivers was suppose to call him back but has not.

5) Reports of Boards and Standing/Special Committees
– Action Pistol: Marty Scheid reported last weeks shoot was rained out, he has money from shooting fees to turn in at next months meeting, he has built new foot fault boards, and the tablets are working well for scoring the match with PractiScore.

– Archery: nothing to report

– Cowboy Action: n/a no one present to report

– Long Range Shoot: JD Arneson reported the long range shoot is still on for June 9th, and Jesse Smith reported he will start advertising it more.

– Trap: Jesse Smith reported that Jeff Faycosh sent him a report saying he has had 5-8 shooters at the Ladies Trap Nights, and would like to expand to holding an Open Trap Night and a Youth Trap Night.

– Rimfire Match: Jesse Smith reported that Jeff Faycosh sent him a report saying the Rimfire Match made made $58 for the club and paid out $58 in winnings, it was attended by approx. 12 shooters.

– Trauma Kits: Jim Keith reported that through his research he has picked out the trauma kits that he recommends for the club, though he would like to also add RATS tourniquets to the kits. He estimates two kits with added tourniquets would cost no more than $250 total. Jim Keith motioned, “We authorize a $300 budget for him to purchase two trauma kits with any additional items he sees fit to include.” Motion was seconded and passed.

– Membership Committee: Jesse Smith reported that Randy Anderson reported by text message that the new batch of gate key cards have been ordered.

6) Old Business

7) New Business
– EDC Handgun Class: Jesse Smith motioned, “We allow EDC Training, LLC. to use the clubhouse and one pistol bay on Saturday, May 19th to conduct an “Introduction to Concealed Carry” handgun class. EDC will pay the usual $100, and present a copy of their insurance.” The motion was seconded and passed.

– Motion to Amend club By-laws: Jim Keith motioned “To amend the club By-laws, Article IX, Section 2, to read, “A) The Vice-president shall perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President. The Vice-president shall assume the duties and responsibilities of the President should he be unavailable due to death, disability, or resignation. The Vice-president shall be listed as an alternate signer on all bank accounts held by The Club. The Vice-president shall not perform any of the duties of the Treasurer except when requested to do so by the Club Treasurer, or by the Club President. The board of directors will fill unexpired term of the Vice-president until the annual meeting where there will be nomination and election to fill out Vice-president unexpired term at that annual meeting.” The motion was seconded by Jesse Blankenship, and tabled to be voted on at the next meeting of the Board.

– Jesse Smith reported that Jerry Molstad requested permission for he and his son to install 4 or 5 railroad ties between the upper shooting benches on the 200 yard rifle range, and the 100 meter berm that was installed for the High Power/VMR shoots, for areas to place .22 silhouette targets. Marty Scheid motioned, “We grant Jerry Molstad to place 4 or 5 railroad ties on the range for rimfire silhouettes and the club supply the ties, or reimburse Jerry for the ties if he already bought them.” The motion was seconded and passed.

– Open Trap Night: JD Arneson motioned, “We authorize Jeff Faycosh to hold a trap and/or skeet shoot open to anyone, each Friday night at 6pm starting May 25th.” The motion was seconded and passed.

– Youth Trap Night: Chris Schlepp motioned, “We authorize Jeff Faycosh to hold a Youth Trap Shoot Wednesday nights at 6pm starting May 23rd. Anyone under 18 may shoot, but must contact Jeff to RSVP prior to the day of the shoot, and all minors under 18 years of age must have a signed parental consent form each year, before they will be allowed to shoot that season.” The motion was seconded and passed.

– Centerfire rifle shoot: Chris Schlepp reported he and Jeff Faycosh would like to close the entire rifle range for one day to hold a centerfire rifle shoot on the diagonal 380 yard cut, but have not determined what day they would like to hold the shoot. No motion was made at this time.

8) Nomination and Election of Officers and Board of Directors
– Jesse Smith motioned “We add Jim Keith, Jeff Faycosh, and those who participated in the Rifle Range Work Day April 29th, to the list of those who will be entered in the Volunteer Incentive Raffle at the 2019 Annual Club Meeting.” The motion was seconded and passed.

9) Good and Welfare

10) Adjourn: Jesse Smith motioned, “We adjourn.” The motion was seconded and passed at 8:22 PM.