March Board of Director’s Meeting

The club held our monthly Director’s Meeting March 19th at the Rifle range as well as had a brief range clean up before hand. The highlights of this meeting were as follows…

  • The club is in the process of obtaining a Debit/Credit card tied to the club’s bank account to make it easier to pay for services or purchase items over the phone, rather than having to mail a check and wait for it to clear before vendors will ship merchandise to us.
  • The club is looking into the property lines at the rifle range in order to ensure fences are in the correct locations for liability reasons.
  • The Ladies Trap shoot will be done as it was last year. Ladies who are participating for their first year will receive their shells, clays, and a loner shotgun (if needed) for the entire 5 weeks. Ladies who have participated in past years will be required to provide their own shells, but will not be charged for clays, and can use a club gun if needed.
  • The Youth Archery Day will be held on June 22 at Spotted Eagle. This is the same day that Fish & Wildlife will be holding their Youth Walleye Fishing Day.
  • There have been issues with members shooting exploding targets at the rifle range, and leaving the gate open. Persons caught doing this, or any other damaging activities will be sent a warning letter, notifying them that a repeat offense will result in their barring from the club.
  • A committee was established to work on selling advertising sign space at both our Spotted Eagle and Rifle Range facilities.

The next Directors Meeting is scheduled for April 16, 2013 and will be held at the Spotted Eagle clubhouse at 7:00 PM. All club members are encouraged to attend these meetings. While only directors have a vote, ALL MEMBERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO OFFER THEIR OPINIONS AND IDEAS AT THE MEETINGS.