Board Meeting Minutes December 18, 2018

Custer Rod and Gun Club
Board Meeting Minutes
December 18, 2018 700 PM
Spotted Eagle

1) Call to order and Roll call of officers, Jesse Smith, Jeff Faycosh, Jerry Austill, Marty Scheid, Chris Schlepp Shane Adams, JD Arneson, Jess Blankenship, Jim Keith, Lee Wankel and Vince Muggli

2) Reading of Previous Meeting Minutes motion to accept with correction of Lee Wankel in attendance, Chris, 2nd by Jerry Passed

3) Reading of Current Financial Report: Marty reports bills pending payment and deposit pending checking account after is $29,632.06
– Stockman CD-moving CD to US bank it matures later this month (27th?) $2,047.72
-CD currently at US Bank $2,314.20 Moved to accept financial report by Jim K, 2nd Jess B., passed

4) President Report
– Membership-Renewals are arriving in good numbers.
– Spotted Eagle Remodel-progressing slowly, discussion on completing current upgrade and wait further expenditure until trap range is used more.

5) Reports of Boards and Standing/Special Committees-looking at interest in Archery league, needing volunteers and head of Archery committee.
Action pistol-if weather holds a winter shoot.

6) Old Business
– Annual Banquet & Meeting-January 19th-looking for donations which will be held by Jesse Smith, some have been received. The 6 firearms for raffles were arranged, price of tickets and 50/50 drawings, card drawing, volunteer incentive, door prize etc.

7) New Business
– Winter Coyote/rifle Shoot-Jeff Faycosh proposed a winter shoot (Feb or March weather permitting) 4 targets (coyote images with clay kill zone) using 200 yard range. $5 per cycle, one shot at each range, all 4 standardized positions (prone, sitting, kneeling and standing), no bipods, no shooting sticks, most accurate and quickest wins. Lee moved to approve, Jim 2nd passed
– First Responder’s 3 Gun Shoot-Jeff Faycosh proposed late spring shoot (date not set) for Custer County first responders, 3 gun shoot, steel plates, thrown clays and rifle on action pistol range. Chris moved to approve, JD 2nd, passed

USPSA committee was proposed by Jess Blankenship, committee needs 10 members, $75 to join, $50 annual fees thereafter. Must have 7 matches a year. Allows members to be classed for national and regional events. Committee with Jess B as president, Marty as VP other members as they are interested. Jess B motion, Shane 2nd to pay fees and form USPSA committee within the Custer Rod and Gun club. Motion passed

8) Nomination and Election of Officers and Board of Directors-Chris to VP, Vince Muggli to Director, other positions currently serving and up for election. One vacant Director is open too with no nominations received yet.

9) Good and Welfare

10) Adjourn 8:10 PM