Board Meeting Minutes February 19, 2019

Custer Rod and Gun Club
Board Meeting
February 19, 2019 7:00 PM
Spotted Eagle Clubhouse

1) Call to order and Roll call of officers-present Jesse Smith, Chris Schlepp, Jeff Faycosh, Marty Scheid, Shane Adams, JD Arneson, Todd Burch, Jim Keith and Vincent Muggli.

2) Reading of Previous Meeting Minutes-Chris moved to accept the minutes Jim Keith seconded the motion, passed

3) Reading of Current Financial Report-Marty reported cash balance of $35, 069.91, CD $2,321.99, pay pal has a little over $6,000. Jim moved to accept the report, Shane seconded, motion passed.

4) President Report
– Annual Banquet-took in $6,165 in cash, $1,400 in Memberships, banquet costs of $1,492 which resulted in a first time ever profit for the annual banquet of approximately $1,400.
– Membership-a little less than 400 members are currently paid.

5) Reports of Boards and Standing/Special Committees
– Action Pistol-Custer Rod and Gun Club USPSA match to be held at Fallon County indoor range on March 9th. limited number of shooters allowed. It will be a USPSA classifier match. Vincent made the motion for the match, seconded by Marty, motion passed.
Marty requested range supplies for action pistol for the year (cardboard targets, sticks and pasters) Jim made a motion of $500 for action pistol range supplies, Todd seconded, motion passed.
Motion by Chris to purchase 40′ land/sea container to store range supplies at Sunday Creek action pistol for $5,000, JD seconded the motion, Vincent will find a container vendor.
Marty made a motion for a raffle to pay for the container. $1,500 in gift certificates, limited to 100 tickets at $50 each. Motion was seconded by JD, motion passed. Marty will have raffle tickets by March meeting date.
– Archery-no report
– Cowboy Action-no report
– Shotgun-Jeff is reaching out to ATA for league information.

6) Old Business
– Spotted Eagle Keys-Chris will coordinate with locksmith for lock changes.

7) New Business
– VFW Flag Project-Motion by Jim, seconded by JD to contribute $50 for the project. Motion passed
– 2019 Board Meeting Locations-March Spotted Eagle, then alternate each month between Spotted Eagle and Sunday Creek
– $3,000 steel target budget for Action Pistol-Motion to approve email straw vote by Jesse, seconded by Shane, motion passed.
– Rifle Range Work Day (range improvements, weed control)-Chris made motion to close the range for one day to be determined for week mitigation spraying. Donated and completed by Vincent, Jim seconded, motion passed. Discussions on further upgrade to pistol bays including new safety area and rock/gravel…no motion
– Spotted Eagle Workday-no date set at this meeting
– Annual filings-IRS to Jesse Smith to complete
– Upcoming shoots (coyotes, 1st responders, etc)-Dates not yet set, most likely at March meeting
– FWP Range Day-Jeff brought up Hunter Education field day at spotted eagle range on March 10th. Jim made motion to allow the use of the range, JD seconded, motion passed.
– FNRA Committee-Shane requested volunteers for friends of the NRA banquet, contact Shane for more information.

8) Good and Welfare-nothing

10) Adjourn 7:55PM