Board of Directors Meeting Minutes April 16, 2019

Custer Rod and Gun Club
Board of Directors Meeting
April 16, 2019 7:00 PM
Sunday Creek Rifle & Pistol Range

1) Call to order at 7:09pm, Roll call of officers: Jesse Smith, Chris Schlepp, Jeff Faycosh, Marty Scheid, JD Arneson, Jesse Blankenship, Todd Burch, Jim Keith, Vincent Muggli and Lee Wankel

2) Reading of Previous Meeting Minutes; Chris moved, 2nd by Lee, passed

3) Reading of Current Financial Report: Marty stated that cash balance is $45,725.17, 1st CD $2,329 2nd CD $2,000, all tax reports are filed. Jim moved to accept the report, 2nd by Todd-passed

4) President Report
– Spotted Eagle-Jesse Smith installed bathroom door and stool.

5) Reports of Boards and Standing/Special Committees
– Storage Container-Not yet delivered will be sooon.
-Raffle Tickets-5 tickets were still available 95 were sold with Chris selling the most-great job Chris
-Shotgun Starting Tuesday for ladies on April 23rd, Wednesday for youth on 24th and Friday open all times at 6pm.
-Action pistol first USPCA shoot was held club made $712.50, with 25 shooters. The schedule is set on the action pistol page.

6) Old Business
– Rifle and Pistol Range workday-set for April 27th 9am
– Annual Meeting and Banquet-Fairgrounds for location, 3rd Saturday in January, 2020. Jeff moved for a $2,100 budget, Lee 2nd-Passed

7) New Business
– Building trusses, Vince Muggli-siscussion-no motion
-Archery-John Kuntz volunteered to head up the archery shoots, Jim made motion for the support and use of targets, Todd 2nd-passed
Mike Wade asked that boy scouts could use Spotted Eagle on June 8th from 9am-2pm, Marty made motion to allow them access, Jim 2nd, motion passed.

10) Adjourn at 8:20pm