Board Of Directors Meeting Minutes December 27, 2022

Board of Directors Meeting December 27, 2022

Custer County Event Center, Miles City

7:00 pm Roll Call of officer- Chris Schlepp, Jeff Faycosh, Marty Scheid, Jim Keith, Matt Lewin, Lee Wankel, Ben Beardsley and Jesse Blankenship

Treasure report by Mary Scheid, Checking account balance $29,818, CD is currently at $6,030.07 Bills are paid

Motion to accept the minutes of the November meeting as written by Jesse B, 2nd by Matt, passed.

Presidents Report: Membership Letters were stuffed in envelopes, Marty will mail.

Action Pistol: Marty reports Action pistol is done for the year and a profit of $624.60 this year total profit of the action pistol $2,208.

Shotgun: Matt made a deposit of $500 from the League entry fees

USPSA-discussion to continue with USPSA membership. Jeff made a motion to pay for another year of membership. Jim 2nd, motion passed.

Old Business: Banquet discussion to designate volunteers for ticket sales. Jim Keith if able, Ben, Matt, Jesse B, Jeff, Marty and his wife.

Further discussion about League awards, Jesse B, Matt and Jeff recused themselves from making the decision since each are eligible for prize money. A modified Lewis award system was discussed so that more prizes would be awarded. At least half of the entry fees will be given as prizes. Confirmation that Boog BBQ would be paid $1,200 for the meat for the banquet.

Meeting adjourned at7:30pm