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3-Gun Match? Who’s Interested?

Randy Hart who, who runs the club’s monthly Cowboy Action SASS match is considering adding a 3-Gun match either after the monthly SASS matches, or on another day, depending on the amount of interest in the event. Below are the details that Randy is thinking, but they are open to suggestions. If you have any interest in participating in a Cowboy Action 3-Gun please contact Randy Hart at 232 0727. THANKS!

3 Gun Shoot

    Time and Dates depending on interest. Can be held after the Cowboy Action shoot 3rd Saturday of the month.

    Age Class

    Cat. 1: Wild Bunch
    Colt 1911 or copy in 45 ACP. Any pistol cal lever action carbine or rifle. Win 97 pump or copy in 12 ga. Shot to be target grade, no slugs or mag shells.

    Cat. 2: 22 Rimfire
    Cowboy pair of 22 revolvers, 22 lever action or pump rifle or carbine, any Cowboy type shot gun

    Cat. 3: 22 Rimfire Modern
    Any modern semi auto pistol, modern carbine or rifle, modern shotgun. Auto shotgun in seperate class.

    Cat. 4: Military – Classic
    Pistol 1911 or copy 45 or 9mm, M1 carbine or copy, 30 carbine or 9mm, any non modern shotgun in 12 ga. No AP or Tracer Ammo.

    Cat. 5: Military – Modern
    Any modern military pistol, rifle or carbine – not to exceed 30 carbine, 9mm AR prefered. NO .223 or 5.56. NO AP or Tracer. Any modern shotgun.

    Cat. 6: Scrounger
    Any combo of cat 1-5.

    Scoring Actual Time. Misses = +5 seconds per miss. Procedurals = +10 seconds, only one per stage.

    PS. Military note: Any of the many pistol cal semi auto only rifle or carbines may be used as per category classic or modern.