Intro to Precision Rifle

Intro to precision rifle.
Saturday June 9th at 10am.
Calypso recreation area outside Terry Montana

This is a intro to precision rifle.

All shots will be done from the prone position. Targets will be at distances from 300 yards to 600 yards with some additional targets out to 1000 yards.

Not all Targets are required to be shot at. This is a fun learning tool to help with long range marksmanship either for fun or in a hunting application.

5 shots will be taken at each target.

Round count will be approximately 40 rounds.

A bipod will be very helpful during this. Shooting bags can be used as well.

A rifle that is capable of 1 moa at 100 yards (1 inch 3 shot grouping at 100 yards)

An adjustable turret optic makes things little easier but is not required nor expected. An optic that has more than just a duplex reticle aka BDC or Leopold Varmint helps as well.

There is no charge for this event. The Custer Rod and Gun Club is putting on this workshop to provide opportunity for those who are new to long range shooting and might be intimidated to try a full match, or those who have tried it but want to improve.

Shooting will go until everyone has had the opportunity to shoots or until we run out of daylight.

For more information, or to pre-register, contact