5th Annual Action Pistol Jackpot Match

5th Annual Action Pistol Jackpot & Fundraising Shoot

Saturday September 16th Postponed until September 23 due to rain.
8:00 AM Set-up
8:30 Registration opens
9:00 AM Safety Meeting
9:30 AM Match Starts

50% of entry fees jackpotted back + added prizes
$15 Entry fee per division.
$5 Range fee for the match.

4 stages of Action Pistol followed by 4 different Side games/pots. After the Action Pistol stages are shot the scores and times will be calculated for determination of Jackpot winners. During this time we will be shooting the side matches. Bring extra money and ammunition!

Jackpots and prizes paid in the following divisions:

– Stock Pistol:
Semi-Auto handgun with post and notch sights, no ported barrels, no large flared magazine wells (smaller flared magwells practical for concealed carry will be accepted), no lightened or weighted slides. In other words, a nearly off the shelf production gun that would be typical for a concealed carry weapon.

– Race Pistol/Open:
All semi-autos or revolvers that have features prohibited in the Stock Pistol or Stock Revolver divisions.

– Single Stack .45 ACP:
Any semi-auto, with post and notch sights, shooting 45 ACP, with a single stack magazine, and will be loaded to a maximum of 8 rounds in the magazine (plus start with 1 in the chamber)

– Ladies Stock Pistol:
Same requirements as Stock Pistol, but limited to ladies only.

– Stock Revolver:
Revolvers with post and notch sights, no added competition only features, limited to 7 rounds loaded at a time. (7 or 8 shot revolvers may be used but must be loaded with no more than 7 rounds)

70 minimum round count if you don’t have any misses, makeup shots, or re-shoots due to malfunctions. Plus you’ll need ammo for side games. Shooters are recommended to bring at least 200 rounds.

– Side shoot payouts
Each side match will cost $1.00 per attempt and 50% of all money collected for each side match will be paid to the best time for each side game.
Here are the scenarios we’ll be shooting…
Stage # 1 Jackpot Shoot Stage 1
Stage # 2 Jackpot Shoot Stage 2
Stage # 3 Jackpot Shoot Stage 3
Stage # 3 Jackpot Shoot Stage 4

You can read more about our Action Pistol shoots HERE

Hope to see you all there!