Board of Directors Meeting Minutes August 18, 2020

Board Meeting Agenda – August 18, 2020
Custer Rod and Gun Club
Board Meeting Minutes
August 18, 2020 7:00 PM
Sunday Creek Rifle and Pistol Range

1) Call to order and Roll call of officers; Jesse Smith, Chris Schlepp, Jeff Faycosh, Mary Scheid, JD Arneson, Jesse Blankenship, Jim Keith, John Kuntz,
and Lee Wankel

2) Reading of Previous Meeting Minutes: Motion by Marty to accept as written, 2nd by Lee, Passed

3) Reading of Current Financial Report Marty stated current cash balance $34,389.57, CD #1 $2,342.24, CD #2 $2,023.25, all bills paid and current.

4) President Report- Jesse stated that near 459 members, with members joining at a regular basis.

5) Reports of Boards and Standing/Special Committees
– Action Pistol-Year total of $638 in the black. Concerns of an age limit for shooters. Chris made a motion that regardless of age as long as the shooter can demonstrate proficient use of all safety rules to the satisfaction of the Range Officer they would be allowed to shoot. If they are unsafe regardless of age they will not be allowed to shoot. Jess 2nd Motion passed.
– Archery-John stated numbers are down due to heat. There is a couple of folks who want to set up a 3d shoot this spring.
– Cowboy Action-No report, Marty provided Insurance information to Randy Hart.
– Five Stand-Jeff proposed buying a multipurpose trap that throw chandelle targets including Standards, Middi and Rabbits from Lawry Shooting Sports, for $2,950 delivered. Lee 2nd, Motion passed Jeff will order machine and check on targets. This machine will gauge how much interest there is locally for a complete 5 stand set up at Spotted Eagle.
– Shotgun-Skeet is have a regular turn out. Jeff provided Marty with $545 and one token collected from shooters for range fees.
– SOP-Chris drafted a waiver and SOP for Rifle Range- The others are pending from Action pistol, Archery and shotgun. Great Job Chris.
– USPSA-Match for August 29 in Miles City, Jess stated it will be the biggest event this year.
– Work Day at Sunday Creek-Chris and Jim stated the best turnout ever with lots of help. All the board appreciates the interest in maintaining the ranges, thank you. Local construction company offered to weld target frames with channel iron and supply some backer boards if the club paid for metal material. Motion made by Lee to allow them to charge at Border Steel to the club for materials, 2nd by Jim, Motion passed.

6) Old Business-None

7) New Business-Jeff requested signage for the bathroom at Sunday Creek. It is in the brown building at the pistol bays. Lee will take care of signage.
Marty requested movement on the firearms for the Annual Banquet, to set budget and get a list of the types of firearms. Chris made a motion to set the budget at $5,000, Jim 2nd Motion passed. Marty was provided a wish list by the Board of Directors and will purchase the firearms, leaving them in the custody of the vendors until the winners are selected.

8) Nomination and Election of Officers and Board of Directors

9) Good and Welfare-nothing

10) Adjourn at 8:20 pm