Board of Directors Meeting Minutes September 15, 2020

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes September 15, 2020
Custer Rod and Gun Club
Board Meeting Minutes
September 15, 2020 7:00 PM
Spotted Eagle Range

1) Call to order and Roll call of officers; Jesse Smith, Chris Schlepp, Jeff Faycosh, Mary Scheid, Jim Keith, Pat Roos and Lee Wankel

2) Reading of Previous Meeting Minutes: Motion by Marty to accept as written, 2nd by Jim, Passed

3) Reading of Current Financial Report Marty stated current cash balance $28,918.07, CD #1 $2,342.24, CD #2 $2,023.25, all bills paid and current.

4) President Report- Jesse stated that near 459 members, with members joining at a regular basis.

5) Reports of Boards and Standing/Special Committees
– Action Pistol-Dormant for the year. USPSA no report.
– Archery-No report.
– Cowboy Action-No report.
– Skeet-Trap-Five Stand-Jeff trap has not yet be received. Billings Rod and Gun club will sell us targets. Regular showings at Skeet and Trap on Friday and Sunday.
– SOP-Still pending.

6) Old Business-Lee is posting the restroom sign in the near future.
Marty purchase the firearms/optics for the Annual meeting.

7) New Business-Checking on vendors to cook for the Banquet, Pat is checking on his contacts.
Jesse made a motion to allow EDC to conduct a course on September 26,2020 at the Sunday Creek Range. Jim 2nd, Motion passed.
Lee made a motion to purchase 10 sheets of OSB for backer boards at Sunday Creek Range, Mary 2nd. Chris will work to line those up.

8) Nomination and Election of Officers and Board of Directors

9) Good and Welfare-nothing

10) Adjourn at 7:40 pm