Board of Directors Meeting Minutes June 16, 2020

Board Meeting Agenda – June 16, 2020
Custer Rod and Gun Club
June 16, 2020 at 7pm
Rifle & Pistol Range Clubhouse

1) Call to order and Roll call of officers; Chris Schlepp, Jeff Faycosh, JD Arneson, Jim Keith, John Kuntz, Vincent Muggli and Lee Wankel

2) Reading of Previous Meeting Minutes; As published, Motion by Vincent, 2nd Jim-Passed

3) Reading of Current Financial Report-Provided via email from Marty. Bank Balanace $34,265.09, CD#1 $2,342.04, CD#2 $2,023.06, Range clean up expenses $535.52.

4) President Report-via printed Agenda
– Rifle range clubhouse is de-winterized, Spotted Eagle is not.
– Adam Forslund said the NFA workshop had 8 people and went well.
– Rifle range work day held June 6th. Trimmed weeds, rehung steel, replaced backer boards, trimmed weeds.
– Jesse will have dumpster emptied and septic pumped.

5) Reports of Boards and Standing/Special Committees
– Action Pistol-Marty said $115.48 in the black, all shoots this year will be profit.
– Archery-7 or 8 shooters became members, all shoots on Wednesday at Ken Boschee’s north end of Muggli land, John 951-0241 for information on Wednesday shoots.
– Cowboy Action
– Five Stand-Jeff is wanting more input before the expensive traps are purchased.
– Shotgun-2pallets of clay pigeons arrived and thanks to Marty, John and Nathan R for helping unload and stack. Regular shoots are well attended on Friday at 5:30 and Sunday at 5 pm.
– SOP-Nothing
– USPSA-19 shooters on June 12th.

6) Old Business
– Spotted Eagle Work Day June 20th, 9 am
– materials/tools? Jeff will pick up additional paint and supplies, Skeet houses need painting as well as the trap houses.

7) New Business
– New 345 yard rifle range-Motion to spend $1,000 to construct the 300 plus range just off of the 100 yard range. Lee made the motion, Jim 2nd-passed. Construction will take place on June 27th and the range will be closed during the construction. Chris Schlepp is heading up the project.
Pheasants Forever requested use of the trap range and club house for their youth hunter training. Dates are 8/15, 8/29, 9/12 and 9/19/2020. Jeff made the motion to allow the use, Jim 2nd-passed. Jeff will check out a key to them to be returned upon completion of their project.

8) Adjourn 7:45 pm