Board of Directors Meeting Minutes March 21, 2023

Board of Directors Meeting

March 21, 2023

Custer County Event Center, Miles City

7:00 pm Roll Call of officer- Lee Wankel, Marty Scheid Past President Jesse Smith, Jeff Faycosh, Matt Lewin, Jesse Blankenship, John Kuntz, Erin O’Connor, Justin Hughes, Travis Helm and Pat Roos

Treasure report by Mary Scheid, Checking account balance $41,786.52, CD is currently at $6,030.07 Bills are paid

Motion to accept the minutes of the February meeting as written, by Marty, 2nd by John passed.

Past Presidents Report: Paypal have $10,600 for deposit Jesse will help transition membership to the membership committee. Lee Wankel then took over the meeting and president role.

USPSA- Jesse Blankenship turned over deposit to Marty for $320. There will be a Match on May 13th and another match on June 10. To participate you need to register on Practiscore. Jesse wanted to have a Sheriff’s Office training on May 12th to assist in the range setting, so the pistol range could be set up Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Jesse B made the motion, Lee seconded, motion passed.

Action Pistol-Lee Wankel will run the course this year. During the month of April each match on Thursday is free. Lee will have a steel challenge once a month. Lee wanted to explore additional steel targets Texas Star, Dueling Tree and more hangers. There will be some research into the best price.

Shotgun: With the time change we will open the trap range on Tuesday at 530 and Skeet on Sunday at 3 pm. Jeff requested motion to allow 4H Shotgun Shooting sports shooting every Sunday from Noon to 3pm starting April 2nd ending May 21. Marty moved, John 2nd, Motion passed.

Archery- There was much discussion about the condition of the Archery Range, selling 3D targets and trailers, closing the range, moving the range to Sunday Creek, purchasing a conex trailer to keep at the range. The discussion ended up getting additional input on the meeting of April 18th to find volunteers or better ideas.

Banquet update from Marty, we lost $166.89 this year. The donors this year included Paul Helland, Dale Tribby, Karen Taylor, Lee Wankel, Ace Hardware, Custom Auto and Accessories, NAPA, Carquest, Jeff Faycosh, Marty Scheid, Jesse Smith and Randy Hart.

Range clean up day on Sunday Creek Range May 6th at 9am Marty will ramrod this cleanup.

Meeting Adjorned 8 pm