Low Light/No Light Handgun Training

17_lowlightjpg[1] Low Light/No Light Handgun Training

EDC Training LLC. Will be holding a class on Sat. Oct. 10th. in Miles City at the Custer Rod and Gun Club range. This course focuses on the unique aspects of low-light / night encounters. Topics include types of low light, visual capabilities and perceptions, equipment, firing techniques, and practical scenarios.

Prerequisite for the Low Light Seminar is EDC Trainings Introduction To Concealed Carry Course. (If you have not taken the prerequisite course there will be one offered at the same location before the Low Light class.)

Required equipment list:
* Centerfire Handgun in a minimum defensive caliber (generally, 9mm or .38spl or larger)
* Ammunition 100 rounds.
* Spare magazines or speedloaders
* Spare ammunition pouches, carrier, or magazine holster
* Method of carrying the handgun (i.e.- suitable belt and belt holster, Shoulder holsters generally not acceptable- you “sweep” others when drawing the firearm)
* Ear protection
* Eye protection
* Clothing suitable for the weather
* Cap with a brim
* Rugged shoes or boots
* Good Quality “tactical” style Flashlight.

To register for the class or for more information contact Erik Fritz, NRA Certified Instructor
tacmedic45@yahoo.com or call 406-346-2825