Rimfire Turkey Shoot

On Saturday April 28th, 2018 beginning at 9 am  at the Sunday Creek Rifle Range. Custer Rod and Gun club will host a rimfire only turkey shoot.  Targets will be bullseye targets set at random distances appropriate to the class of shooters.  Shooters will pay $1 per round.  6 shooters per bracket. The winner of the bracket splits the pot 50/50.  shooters will be paired into comparable classes of 17 cal, 22 cal and 22 mag, along with pairings of iron sights, target sights, scoped sights etc.  Classes will be novice youth, youth, novice adult and adult.  No Range finders allowed and no sighting in allowed.

Dust off the rimfire rifles and pistols go get them sighted in, bring your own ammo and bring the whole family.  Safety rules will be enforced. This will be a good old fashioned fun shoot, come visit with old friends and meet some new friends.