Board of Directors Meeting Minutes May 18, 2021

Board Meeting Minutes – May 18, 2021
Custer Rod and Gun Club
Board Meeting Minutes
May 18, 2021 7pm
Miles City VFW

1) Call to order and Roll call of officers: board members present Jesse Smith, Chris Schlepp, Jeff Faycosh, Marty Scheid, Matt Lewin, Jesse Blankenship, John Kuntz, Ben Beardsley and Lee Wankel

2) Reading of Previous Meeting Minutes-Marty made a motion to accept as published, John 2nd, Passed.

3) Reading of Current Financial Report- Marty stated the current balance in the checking account is $44,526.83, CD #1 $2,343.11 and CD#2 $2023.77, all bills are paid.

4) President Report-there are 461 current members

5) Reports of Boards and Standing/Special Committees
– Action Pistol-3 shoots with $1,667 in profit.
– Archery- May 23-24 3D shoot at Woodruff Park. Wednesday night shoots at Boschee’s are will attended, the club get $20 per person and new members.
– Cowboy Action-No report
– Shotgun/Spotted Eagle- Targets arrived and were loaded into the container, Lee furnished a telehandler. Marv Stark can build the lean too off of the north side of the container for $6,000. Chris stated that Jason Precision Drywall will paint for $6-700.
– USPSA-22 shooters at the section match.

6) Old Business-Chris is moving forward with the sign for the Jon Hofer 5 Stand Course to be mounted on the container at the Spotted Eagle Range. He has modified the design to get it moving forward.

7) New Business-– Youth Rifle Class-Travis Helm will be lead instructor, Class on July 17.2021 ages 10-18 $15 person. Jeff will assist.
Jeff requested board approval to meet with Mayor Howell about restricting access at Spotted Eagle over safety concerns. John motioned, Chris 2nd, motion passed.

Clean up Sunday Creek Range date set as May 23 at 9 am. Chris is leading this and Northern Landscape is spraying weeds.

8) Nomination and Election of Officers and Board of Directors

9) Good and Welfare

10) Adjourn at 8:02 pm