Board of Directors Meeting Minutes April 20, 2021

Board Meeting Minutes – April 20, 2021
Custer Rod and Gun Club
Board Meeting Minutes
April 20, 2021 7pm
Miles City VFW

1) Call to order and Roll call of officers: board members present Chris Schlepp, Jeff Faycosh, Marty Scheid, Matt Lewin, Jesse Blankenship, Jim Keith, John Kuntz, Vincent Muggli, Pat Roos and Lee Wankel

2) Reading of Previous Meeting Minutes-Vince made a motion to accept as published, Lee 2nd, Passed.

3) Reading of Current Financial Report- Marty stated the current balance in the checking account is $50,287.87, CD #1 $2,343.02 and CD#2 $2023.77, all bills are paid.

4) President Report-there are 461 current members

5) Reports of Boards and Standing/Special Committees
– Action Pistol-30 new walls are soon to be ready. 2 new slot matches, profit of $2,768. Board was notified of a minor injury during a Thursday night shoot. Marty will fill out an incident report to keep on file.
– Archery- May 23-24 3D shoot at Woodruff Park. Wednesday night shoots at Boschee’s.
– Cowboy Action-No report
– Shotgun/Spotted Eagle-the targets are ordered 2 pallets regular, 1 pallet Middi, 1 pallet Rabbit targets. Ramp was built and Marty constructed the 5 shooting cages total cost $973.
– USPSA-May 8th shoot, Marty volunteered to set up courses, Jesse B unavailable. Slot Match June 12th. 100 yard and 300 yard ranges will be closed the evening prior and all day of the Match. Board concurs.

6) Old Business-Chris is moving forward with the sign for the Jon Hofer 5 Stand Course to be mounted on the container at the Spotted Eagle Range.

7) New Business-– Youth Rifle Class-Instructors have been contacted.
Matt Bean was present has potential for additional donations for Jon Hofer 5 stand. The discussion to build a canopy off the north side of the cargo container. Vince made a motion to build and get estimates from contractors, Jim 2nd motion passed.
Matt will be in contact with Jeff.
Nation Wild Turkey Federation will be using the Trap range June 27th noon to 5pm. They have provided insurance waiver for the club. Jeff or designee will be at the range. John made the motion to allow, Jim 2nd passed.
Eric Fritz to run his conceal carry class at the range unknown date. Motion made by Jeff to allow as long as Insurance waiver is provided covering the club, Lee 2nd Motion passed.
Clean up Sunday Creek Range date set as May 23 at 9 am.
Insurance coverage for Board Members to be paid by the club. All Board Members in agreement.
Jeff discussed donating all the rimfire ammo and the remainder of the shotgun ammo for rifle course and 4H shotgun shooting sports. John made the motion, Jim 2nd, passed.

8) Nomination and Election of Officers and Board of Directors

9) Good and Welfare

10) Adjourn at 8:02 pm