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Annual Banquet and Club Meeting

Dear Custer Rod and Gun Club members,

Your presence is requested at the annual CR&GC membership meeting and banquet. This year’s meeting will be held at 6:00 pm on January 20th, 2017 at the Town and Country Club (S. 4th St. and Eagle Ave) in Miles City. In traditional CR&GC style, the club will provide roast beef, potatoes, and dinner rolls. Attendees A thru M are asked to bring main or side dish and N thru Z a salad or desert. There will be door prizes and raffle items including a Glock 19, a SIG P320, Savage .17 HMR package w/ Scope and Ruger American 6.5 Creedmore, also MUCH MUCH MORE! All present with a 2018 paid membership will be entered in the door prize raffle, just for attending. Eligible members must be present to win. All prize and raffle availability is terminated at the conclusion of the annual club meeting. Membership renewals will be sold at the door, but if you renew online before the meeting please bring your membership card with you, as the attached stub is your entry for the door prize raffle, and the membership card is required to vote.

More prizes are accumulating as we speak and may include additional firearms. Please keep in mind that the meeting space, servers, and food provided by the club is paid for by the raffles held during the banquet. If you have any items you would be willing to donate to the raffles, please contact email at to arrange for them to be included in the raffles, and picked up before the meeting if necessary.

Action Pistol Match Results – Aug. 17, 2017

Buck Rogers Division

08/17/17 Division Wedding Party Conga Line Steel Canyon Steel Challenge Total Time
Chris Schlepp Open/Other 26.51 19.22 24.56 12.16 82.45

Revolver Division

08/17/17 Division Wedding Party Conga Line Steel Canyon Steel Challenge Total Time
Steve Jacobs Revolver 43.01 46.51 29.56 19.97 139.05

Semi-Auto Division

08/17/17 Division Wedding Party Conga Line Steel Canyon Steel Challenge Total Time
Jess Blankenship Semi-Auto 23.57 16.86 18.36 11.25 70.04
Mark Soderquist Semi-Auto 20.39 19.17 17.23 14.05 70.84
Lee Wankel Semi-Auto 31.16 23.68 14.26 11.38 80.48
JD Arneson Semi-Auto 30.33 23.56 21.43 11.82 87.14
Shane T. Semi-Auto 32.32 23.53 18.60 16.70 91.15
Jesse Smith Semi-Auto 34.26 19.73 23.40 13.90 91.29
Marty Scheid Semi-Auto 32.01 26.12 18.32 14.98 91.43
Shane Adams Semi-Auto 33.52 21.27 22.56 16.7 94.05
Jeremy Smith Semi-Auto 25.69 35.00 22.24 15.44 98.37
Dallas Taylor Semi-Auto 34.39 28.82 23.52 17.22 103.95
James Smith Semi-Auto 34.66 32.53 24.45 13.36 105.00
Tom Smith Semi-Auto 45.92 37.82 49.81 27.41 160.96
Randy Hart Semi-Auto 51.27 47.30 46.24 29.61 174.42

Single Stack 45 ACP Division

08/17/17 Division Wedding Party Conga Line Steel Canyon Steel Challenge Total Time
Kevin Rosenthal Single Stack 31.93 38.39 59.59 17.34 147.25
Randy Grow Single Stack 67.15 41.26 36.53 21.19 166.13

Action Pistol Results – July 20, 2017

Open Division

07/20/17 Division Back Up Carefully Scary Hallway One and Done Steel Challenge Total Time
Chris Schlepp Open 28.09 34.67 45.49 11.85 120.10

Revolver Division

07/20/17 Division Back Up Carefully Scary Hallway One and Done Steel Challenge Total Time
Steve Jacobs Revolver 53.80 51.99 68.55 15.55 189.89

Semi-Auto Division

07/20/17 Division Back Up Carefully Scary Hallway One and Done Steel Challenge Total Time
Lee Wankel Semi-Auto 35.27 34.85 22.83 10.49 103.44
Mark Soderquit Semi-Auto 31.87 33.03 28.29 10.40 103.59
Jesse Smith Semi-Auto 30.36 39.78 39.10 11.28 120.52
Marty Scheid Semi-Auto 38.18 41.63 33.75 10.49 124.05
Jame Smith Semi-Auto 49.35 33.75 37.68 14.65 135.43
T. Smith Semi-Auto 75.66 65.93 63.51 21.49 226.59
Rebecca Semi-Auto 84.8 97.29 103.44 95.97 381.50

WARNING: Stage 1 Fire Restrictions are now in place

The fire restrictions have been lifted due to recent precipitation.
Attention CR&GC Members,

Custer County has put Stage 1 Fire Restrictions in place on all public and private land in Custer County. At this time, the rifle/pistol range is still open for use, but require that shooters have a bucket of water, and a shovel with them, as well as remain on site for at least 20 minute after the last shot is fired.

If you look between the clubhouse and the shed to the west of the clubhouse, there is a large rock next to the driveway. Behind that rock is a water hydrant that can be used to fill your bucket. There is also hose next to the hydrant, but not enough to reach out onto the range. PLEASE bring your own bucket and shovel when you come out to shoot.

Please be sure we are all following these requirements, as we DO NOT want to have the range shut down by the Fire Marshal, as was the case about six years ago.

You can read more about the fire restrictions and watch for updates on the Custer County website here…

Action Pistol Results – June 1, 2017

Revolver Division

06/01/17 Division One Hand Oh No A Few of Each Weak Hand Oh No Steel Challenge Total Time
Steve Jacobs Revolver 61.46 42.11 26.96 29.51 160.04
Randy Grow Revolver 51.62 56.83 32.97 26.66 168.08

Semi-Auto Division

06/01/17 Division One Hand Oh No A Few of Each Weak Hand Oh No Steel Challenge Total Time
Jesse Smith Semi-Auto 35.01 32.71 18.46 17.00 103.18
Jess Blankenship Semi-Auto 33.48 39.29 17.42 14.71 104.90
Mark Soderquist Semi-Auto 31.17 40.67 20.04 13.84 105.72
James Smith Semi-Auto 32.30 34.16 19.92 21.23 107.61
Erik Fritz Semi-Auto 32.26 37.28 23.23 15.32 108.09
Lee Wankel Semi-Auto 38.96 37.42 17.02 18.19 111.59
Ty Rainey Semi-Auto 28.96 32.57 20.37 34.74 116.64
Sebastian V Semi-Auto 49.45 44.99 26.20 24.22 144.86
Shane Adams Semi-Auto 51.29 39.99 19.70 40.83 151.81
Jackson Wolf Semi-Auto 73.50 38.28 25.33 29.68 166.79
BethAnn Rainey Semi-Auto 71.80 57.72 24.82 47.91 202.25
Rick Abbott Semi-Auto 86.51 65.45 29.77 22.37 204.10
Rebecca Madison Semi-Auto 106.47 73.08 27.39 50.53 257.47

Single Stack .45 ACP Division

06/01/17 Division One Hand Oh No A Few of Each Weak Hand Oh No Steel Challenge Total Time
Jim Keith Single Stack 43.22 34.58 20.02 15.63 113.45
Marty Scheid Single Stack 47.63 32.03 18.63 20.10 118.39
Deith Allies Single Stack 51.11 46.19 30.69 22.10 150.09

Spotted Eagle Update & Work Day

Custer Rod and Gun Club Members,

I know we’ve been sending out a lot of emails lately, but they should start winding down now. I just wanted to remind everyone that we will be having a work day at the Spotted Eagle clubhouse and shotgun range THIS Saturday May 13th. at 9:00 AM.

A few volunteers have agreed to have trailers there, and we will be hauling everything out of the clubhouse to either the dump or storage. We will then remove the last wall in the clubhouse and start the clubhouse remodel project by crack sealing the floor. We will also be painting the trap houses and repairing the benches/gun rests throughout the range. As well as mowing, weeding, etc.

We will need as many volunteers as possible for this one, as we will be sending folks off to the dump and off to the storage, and need people to continue at the Spotted Eagle while they’re gone.

Oh did I mention FOOD? Randy Anderson will be bringing preparing a milk can feast for the volunteers as well as beverages will be provided. And, all volunteers will be entered in the end of the year “Volunteer Incentive Gun Giveaway Raffle”

Thank you to our Volunteers!

I also want to thank everyone who came out and helped at the Rifle Range Work Day on April 29th. We had 16 volunteers which is unheard of participation in recent years. You will all be entered in the end of the year  “Volunteer Incentive” raffle as well. THANK YOU SO MUCH, the club is built on the backs of members who volunteer their time, and a few hours from many people make a HUGE difference in our club.

Trap Range Update:
Chris Schlepp is opening the trap/skeet range (please thank Chris when you see him) on Sunday afternoons at 1:00 PM. And yes, they’re shooting trap or skeet, depending on who shows up to shoot. Please support his efforts by stopping by and shooting a couple rounds to keep up the participation so he has a reason to continue volunteering his time.

We still do not have any volunteers to run the trap/skeet on Wednesday nights. We’ve had several people ask about shooting Wednesday nights, but none who are willing to by the opener for it. If you’re interested being responsible for opening every Wednesday night (or have a few people willing to commit to splitting the obligation) or you’re interested in organizing and running a summer trap league, please contact the club.

Thank you,
Jesse Smith
CR&GC Secretary

Range Work Days – Help Needed

Custer Rod and Gun Club Members,

We just wanted to send out a reminder/update on the two club work days coming up. Please note that he rifle/pistol range will be CLOSED during the work day April 29th!

Rifle Range Work Day: (Saturday April, 29th 9:00 AM)
We have a few projects to accomplish and they should be great improvements to the range. Please see the below list of projects and bring any hand tools you think we might need. We always need a few weed eaters, string, gas, etc. and volunteers to run them, spray weeds, and accomplish the below projects. We can use some adjustable wrenches, wire cutters, and shovels as well. We will have a couple tractors and welders on-site but need volunteers badly. Even if you can’t spend all day, please consider coming out for a couple hours. NOTHING is done on your range, except that which is done by members volunteering their time.

We will be firing up the BBQ and the club will be providing lunch and refreshments! We will need volunteers to run the BBQ and man the coolers!

Projects to be accomplished at the Rifle Range Work Way (April 29th):
* replace berms behind the 25 and 50 yard target boards with tire walls filled with dirt and backed by berms, to keep mud off sidewalks
* reset the culvert across the west entrance to the pistol bays, replace with longer pipe and set pipe deeper in ground
* repair steel swinging targets targets on the 200 and 100 yard ranges
* replace broken chains on steel targets with rubber belts
* repair/weld 25 yard target frame
* replace any worn target backer boards
* install pipe over gate entrance
* weld new stands for steel targets
* move lock washers on steel targets so they ring when hit

We can use used tires! If you have used tires you need to get rid of, please bring them with you!

Spotted Eagle Work Day: (Saturday, May 13th 9:00 AM)
* Empty clubhouse, items either go to storage or the dump (we have enough trailers planned, but need volunteers to move items)
* Demo last remaining wall and haul demo materials to dump (need sledge hammers, crow bars, wire cutters, electrical tape, cordless drills, etc.)
* fix floor cracks (will get sealer/crack fill as needed on work day)
* fix benches and shotgun racks (need lumber, hole saws, screws, cordless drills, etc.)
* paint trap houses white (Cheri Reed will bring paint, brushes, rollers, etc.)
* spray weeds
* fix mower tires
* weed eat
* mow grass
* spray for bees
* change blade on mower

If you believe in promoting shooting and like the club and community having use of the Spotted Eagle clubhouse, please donate a couple hours to help get this work done. We have approximately 400 members in the club, and we average about 8 people each year at our work days. Just like voting, YOUR PARTICIPATION DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE. If you have any questions, please email us.

Also, the Boy Scouts are holding a camporee at the Spotted Eagle shotgun and archery range May 5th-7th. Among other projects, they will be working to receive badges in archery, trap shooting, etc. They could use some volunteers to help supervise the kids during the shooting/archery events on the 5th and 6th. If you would like to volunteer to help the Boy Scouts for a few hours, please email us and we will forward your contact info to the folks in charge.

Lost and Found…

From time to time, we find things on the range, or someone tells us they lost something. If you found or lost an item or need to claim an item listed below, please contact us via the club’s email address and we will connect the two parties…

FOUND: Black Jacket
Someone left the Jan 2017 Annual Meeting and Banquet with the wrong black jacket. If you are missing your jacket, or have someone else’s please contact us.

LOST: Ammo Can of 9mm
Lost at the Low Light/No Light class in October ’16

FOUND: Box of .40 S&W
Left at Action Pistol match in June.

2017 Board of Directors

President: Randy Anderson
Vice President: Jerry Austill
Secretary Jesse Smith
Treasurer Cheri Reed
Director Shane Adams
Director JD Arneson
Director Todd Burch
Director Daniel DeLong
Director Randy Hart
Director Jim Keith
Director Marty Scheid
Director Chris Schlepp

The Board of Directors meet at 7:00 PM on the third Tuesday of each month (Feb. – Dec.) Officers and Directors are elected to the Board at the Annual Meeting and Banquet the third Saturday of January.

Club Banquet & Membership Meeting

Club Banquet/Meeting and Membership Reminder:

Just a quick reminder that the Custer Rod and Gun Club’s Annual Membership Meeting and Banquet will be held Saturday Jan. 21st at the Miles City Town and Country Club. Potluck style banquet starts at 6:00 PM, Meeting at 7:00 PM. There will be door prizes and raffle items. If you’ve ever wanted to get to know your fellow club members, this is your chance. This is the one social event we have each year and your free attendance is a great opportunity to help strengthen the ‘club’ part of our gun club. We hope to see you there!

Really, please attend this banquet, especially if you’ve never attended before.

Also, we still need a few more items to be donated to the raffles that pay for the club’s share of the banequet and the guns that will be given away. If you have any new or lightly used items that you wish to donate to the banquet, please contact Jesse Smith

Remember, membership renewals are due by Feb. 15th. No 2017 renewals will be sold after Feb. 15th. Anyone who does not renew before Feb. 15th will have to wait until Dec. 1st when we start selling 2018 renewals. Renewals are $40 and can be payed at the annual meeting on the 21st, or online at

Thank you for your time,
Jesse Smith
CR&GC Secretary

Board Meeting Agenda – July 19, 2016

The Custer Rod and Gun Club will hold it’s July Board of Directors meeting at the Sunday Creek rifle and pistol range clubhouse, Tuesday 7/19. Any members wishing to share their wants/needs/opinions, or just wanting to observe are welcomed to attend the meeting. The agenda as of now is below but may be added to or changed at the meeting:

Custer Rod and Gun Club
Board of Directors Meeting Agenda
July 19, 2016
Sunday Creek Range

Call to order and Roll call of officers:
Reading of Previous Meeting Minutes:
Reading of Current Financial Report:

President Report:
-MLEA canceled use of rifle range

Reports of Boards and Standing/Special Committees:
– Shoot Dog Day’s report
– Action Pistol and LEO shoot
– Cowboy Action
– Trap/Archery Range

Old Business:
– MWF sponsored trap shoot with donated shells
– Spotted Eagle Clubhouse plans
– Rifle instructors for Youth Shoot
– Trap/archery range volunteers

New Business:
– Scott Zeitner membership situation
– Signs for pistol bays
– Action Pistol Jackpot shoot Sep 18th and prize budget

Nomination and Election of Officers and Board of Directors:

Good and Welfare:
– Correspondences


Action Pistol Steel Match Results 6-23-16

Revolver Division

06/23/16 Division Steel Bay #1 Steel Bay #2 Steel Bay #3 Steel Bay #4 Texas Star Bay #5 Total Time
Jess Blankenship Revolver 12.32 11.09 17.38 10.99 15.81 67.59

Semi-Auto Division

06/23/16 Division Steel Bay #1 Steel Bay #2 Steel Bay #3 Steel Bay #4 Texas Star Bay #5 Total Time
Lee Wankel Semi-Auto 10.85 8.99 12.96 6.61 13.70 53.11
Jason Ortiez Semi-Auto 12.93 11.90 14.72 12.22 15.98 67.75
Dallas Taylor Semi-Auto 16.42 10.33 19.26 10.63 12.74 69.38
?? Brophy Semi-Auto 14.84 15.56 17.95 11.25 14.37 73.97
Marty Scheid Semi-Auto 16.07 15.71 17.29 9.68 17.31 76.06
James Smith Semi-Auto 14.82 12.42 15.62 15.34 19.25 77.45
Chris Schlepp Semi-Auto 12.79 13.31 21.61 9.33 20.99 78.03
Mark Soderquist Semi-Auto 13.91 15.04 18.68 13.47 17.61 78.71
Shane Adams Semi-Auto 17.99 14.60 26.46 12.36 12.97 84.38
Sebastian Valdivia Semi-Auto 11.48 14.88 26.77 9.64 26.96 89.73
Harry Young Semi-Auto 25.87 20.07 35.93 22.86 27.04 131.77
Kat Keith Semi-Auto 53.46 25.83 33.16 19.01 65.74 197.20
Sandra Portillo Semi-Auto 43.88 40.47 54.88 23.03 53.25 215.51
Jim Keith Single Stack 14.76 10.83 19.93 9.83 17.14 72.49

Spring 2016 Membership Survey Results

Recently the CR&GC’s Board of Directors conducted an online survey of club members The link to the survey was emailed to all 235 current paid members in good standing, who have provided us with email addresses. Of those 235 members, 118 opened the email. 74 of them clicked the link to the survey. 29 of them took the survey once they clicked on the link.

This survey was not any kind of scientific poll, but was conducted simply to give the Board a better feel for the the member’s likes, dislikes, and visions for the club’s future. However, in an effort to show transparency, the Board opted to post the survey responses in its entirety on the website. The questions and responses are below. Please keep in mind that the same people answered all the questions, so if you see the same answer in multiple questions it is NOT an indicator of the number of people who had the same answer. However, if the same answer is repeated in the same question, then they were entered by different people.

1) What is the one thing that the club has accomplished or took action on in the past 1-4 years that you are most pleased with?
pistol range set up
shooting range improvements
upgrades at kinsey rifle range
All of the range improvements plus access key cards
The adition of ranges and cement walkways
pistol bays, gate lock
Steel Targets
Range improvement
only a member for 1 year
Rifle range improvements.
increased size of range and the new gate.
walk way at gun range up grade gun range (rifle)
Pistol Range, Metal targets
The additions to the Sunday creek facilities
Work/improvement on facilities at the rifle range.
The pistol bays are a great add on
improvments and maintanence
The addition of steel silhouette targets and the overall improvements to the range (concrete walkway, gate and entry system etc)
Range Improvements
the new targets for hand gun
Updating the shooting range.
action pistol & cowboy action matches
Spotted Eagle improvements at the range
Range improvements
Sunday creek improvements
road maintenace
Upgrades at the Rifle range at Kinsey
The gun range updates

2) Is there any one (1) thing that the club has accomplished or took action on in the past 1-4 years that you are displeased with?
handling of membership
too much drama at the meetings
not to my knowledge
The sun timed gate isnt sun up to down
Have allowed the membership renewal issue to go on and on. Settle on a policy and move on.
Wasting money on trap throwers
Nothing that I am aware of
not that I’m aware of
nothing that I know of
Management, information dissemination, workflow and communication; secretary excluded
piled dirt too close to rifle range backstops causing mud on walk when it’s wet
Putting so much effort into recouping expired membership cards

3) What areas of the club or club activities do you think need the most improvement? (please explain)
stop the infighting
spotted eagle club house
none come to mind
Get rid of gate timer
Trap shooting/range
All ok
More boards for handgun
shotgun sports
getting more younger members. No future if not.
shotgun range
I would like to see a longer range set up 300 yards or more
Advertising of scheduled events/ more classes
More activities for women and promotion of women in the outdoors. There has not been a summer ladies shoot since John Hartwick passed away. Even then, that was the only activity the club did that specifically targeted women. There are many ladies in this community who hunt or at least shoot, and some of them are very talented, but there’s no organized activities for them or instruction for beginners. Also – the skeet range was allowed to fall to disarray last summer as well. The door was kicked in, weeds and mowing weren’t taken care of and the area started to look shabby. It seemed like no one really cared to pay any attention to it.
Would like to have a 300 yard range or even farther if possible
the main range
The archery area at Spotted Eagle is nice but enhancements to that would be great (walk thru course of targets possibly 3d
Support to paying members over members in the rears.
get kids involved gun education
Doing great.
event promotion, attracting shooters from other clubs/towns
“Rod” activities
Public outreach, turnaround of considering proposals, openness to opinion
upkeep of backstop/target boards
Spotted Eagle club house needs to be refurbished

4) Is there anything you think the club is wasting time/money/resources on that could be better spent elsewhere?
recovering expired gate cards
The sun timer
Maintain Spotted Eagle, but don’t spend all our money on property we don’t own.
Not there enough to know.
No not now that the club moved on from the broken pigeon thrower
Not that I have seen
not to my knowledge
not that I’m aware of
Spotted eagle, get a grant do it right, don’t piece it together
can’t think of any
recovering expired gate cards.

5) Is there any shooting discipline, sport, or other related activity that the club does not currently offer, that you would like to see offered if possible?
Ranges are nice, the 200 yard is hard to hit due to 100 yd berms.
3 Gun
Black powder cartridge, muzzleloader matches
Would be nice to alow tannerite in a safe area in safe amounts
organized rifle and pistol matches
Archery range
Sporting clays
5 Stand Sporting Clays
3 gun
Basic pistol shooting. The concealed weapons courses are fine but if you just want to learn how to use a handgun and become a good shooter with it, there isn’t any sort of instructional activities for that. Other activities like how to clean and care for different types of guns or maybe even something like sighting in rifles would be good and would maybe encourage involvement from beginners or those with basic skills who are otherwise intimidated by more experienced folks.
no sure
Longer range rifle targets400-600 yds
pop up or activity targets
No, but open to try new things if they want to offer new things.
not that I’m aware of
3 gun!!!!
6) Is there any improvements such as new buildings, ranges, targets that you would like the club to consider adding?
better or higher 200 yard targets.
a 300 or a 400 yard rifle area at kinsey range
There can always be more reactive/steel targets on springs. Those are nice.
A tannerite area
longer rifle range, indoor pistol range, trap range on our own property
Expanded archery range. Indoor pistol range
always upgrade at rifle range building would be nice.. i understand funds dependent
The benches at the lower shooting area cloest to the gate need the frount lifted. We really like the metal targerts. They are great for kids.
Little bit taller berms at Sunday creek
Consistently working trap throwers, and more than one at a time that works, would be nice.
300-400 yard range if possible
More steel silhouettes. Kids really enjoy shooting at those. Longer range 400-600 yds
flip target
The steel targets are a great addition, keep things like that coming.
target/prop storage. security for on range/permanent props and stage equipment
NRA approved everything, full facilities at both locations
A 300 or 400 yard rifle area at the kinsey range
7) Have there been any events held in the past 1-4 years at the club’s facilities that you are not happy about?
Annual meeting and voters meeting is too emotionally charged
not to my knowledge
None that I’m aware of
not that I’m aware of
nothing that I know of
Yes, most youth events are poorly planned advertised and executed
not that I am aware of
8) Have there been any types of events held at the club’s facilities that you would like to see more of in the future?
enjoyed the years end Jackpot shoot
nice cooperation with other sports groups like Pheasant Forever and Walleyes unlimited is good.
turkey shoots
Black powder cartridge, Muzzleloader matches
pistol/rifle matches and classes, night shoots
I would like to see a archey corse set up at spotted eagel. I kind of walk through path that allows you to shoot at different ranges and not have to wait to pull arrows while others are shooting.
Night shoot, more classes
Would be nice to see the youth and ladies shoots revived.
Pistol competions
not sure
Jackpot pistol shoot is great, maybe two a year
not that I’m aware of
events that get the youth involved, shot gun, rifle, education
Yes, training, dog days,
more organized trap activities i.e turkey shoots
9) As a member would you be interested in a 2 or 3 year membership fee?
At a reasonable price ofcorse
At my age I might not be here in a year…
i have lifetime, but 2-3 years sounds good for revenue stream
I would like to see a life time membership fee.
Not particularly.
Possibly so long as notice is provided of expiration (longer term could lead to forgetting)
would be ok
Sure, why not.
not really
You lost me at the B’s about lifetime memberships
no. it would probably be too expensive in one lump sum.
I would not be. I am happy with the way it works. I am pleased with the gun range and all the people who make it work. Thank You!!!

Dog Days Shoots

Dog Days Silhouette Shoots will be holding a metallic prairie dog silhouette centerfire and rimfire rifle match at the Sunday Creek 200 yard rifle range on July 16th. This is a great opportunity to shoot competitively as well as support great causes.

Please see their website for more details…

Also please note that the 200 yard range will be closed on the 15th and 16th of July for this shoot.

Range work day and BBQ

We will be holding a range maintenance work day at the Sunday Creek Rifle and Pistol Range on June 4th. The range will be closed this day. The club will be providing free BBQ and refreshments to all volunteers who attend.

And volunteers are needed as we have MANY projects to complete this year including: finishing painting the trim on the clubhouse, painting the shed next to the clubhouse, refurbishing and painting the wooden shooting benches, replacing broken seats on other shooting benches, resetting misplaced target receivers in the first pistol bay, filling in ruts in front of the pistol bays, work on the septic system for the new bathroom, repairing steel targets on the rifle range, repairing berms and target backers on rifle range, mowing, spraying weeds, possibly setting the post for the new NRA High Power range, etc.

Please contact us at if you are available to help out that day. Or just show up. Keep in mind we can use most any tool you bring, whether it be a paint brush, shovel, or backhoe. Did we mention we could REALLY use a backhoe or a BIG front end loader? Because we could if anyone has access to that! Seriously!

We only hold these work days once or twice per year, so this is your opportunity to contribute to your club and range. Hope to see you there! Please and thank you.

Regional Events have moved

For ease of updating, our Regional Events page has been replaced with our facebook page. You do not need to have a facebook account to view our page. Just click the link below…

Regional Events & facebook page

If you or your club have upcoming events in the area, that are related to shooting, hunting, archery, wildlife, etc. please send us the information or link, and we’ll gladly share it on our page.

Youth Shotgun Day Camp

Custer Rod & Gun Club
Youth(10-17) Day Camp in Shotgun Shooting

Date: Saturday June 4th, 2016

9am-9:30 (registration) sign release from parent/guardian
9:30-11:30 (gun safety, class-no live ammo will be allowed in classroom)
11:30-12:30 (lunch bring your lunch & snacks & drinks no glass bottles)
12:30-5 (live shooting)
5-5:30 (show and tell) Location: Spotted Eagle Trap and Skeet Range

Cost: FREE
Free use of club guns, shells, targets and Instruction by certified NRA instructors and coaches.

Event Purpose: To provide youth with instructions in Safe gun. Handling and a basic knowledge of trap and skeet shooting.

NOTE: At all times, ammo will be kept under the control of the instructors/coaches. (Class limited to 30 kids) call to reserve a spot

Call Keith Hall at 232-1449 or Steve Jacobs 234-3016 for info

22 Rifle shoot for Youth

Custer Rod & Gun Club 2016 22 Rifle shoot for Youth (8 to 17) May 12 to June 9 2016

12 May 5:30 to 6:00 registration at VFW Hall Post 1579 AT 119 N. 6th in Miles City sign release from parent/guardian
6:00 to 8:00 gun safety class-no live ammo will be allowed in classroom at VFW
19 May shooting at range (Water plant) 6:00 to 8:00
26 May shooting at range (Water plant) 6:00 to 8:00
2 June shooting at range (Water plant) 6:00 to 8:00
9 June shooting at range (Water plant) 6:00 to 8:00

Cost: FREE

Free use of club guns, shells, targets and
Instruction by certified instructors and coaches.
For more information, please contact Jim or James Coleman 874-8892 or Keith Hall 232-1449

Concealed Handgun Training

Concealed Handgun Training

EDC Training LLC. Will be holding a class on Saturday April 30th, in Miles City. This will be an Introduction to Concealed Carry Class. This class is for the individual that may or may not hold a Montana Concealed Carry Permit and is wanting to learn more about the Defensive use of a handgun.

This course addresses the effective concealed carry and use of the handguns popular today. The course will address the advantages and disadvantages of the various types, models, configurations and calibers of such Handguns, as well as the most effective support equipment and methods of concealed carry. The program consists of both classroom discussion, and live fire drills on the range. This course introduces the student to techniques applicable to defensive use of the handgun. Emphasis is put on shooting skill development for application in real-life circumstances. The fundamentals of Mindset, Gun-handling, and Marksmanship are covered in lecture while the practical aspects are taught on the range. Other course topics include Situational Awareness, equipment selection, safety, handling, loading, unloading, malfunction clearance, drawing and firing techniques. Cost of this class will be $100.00

Required equipment list:
* Centerfire Handgun in a minimum defensive caliber (generally, 9mm or .38spl or larger)
* Ammunition 100 rounds.
* Spare magazines or speedloaders
* Spare ammunition pouches, carrier, or magazine holster
* Method of carrying the handgun (i.e.- suitable belt and belt holster, Shoulder holsters generally not acceptable- you “sweep” others when drawing the firearm)
* Ear protection
* Eye protection
* Clothing suitable for the weather
* Cap with a brim
* Rugged shoes or boots
* Lunch and hydration fluid (water sports drink etc for the day)

To register for the class or for more information contact Shane Taylor Class Coordinator for the Miles City Area at 406-234-7175